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Final Four

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Final Four

Julie and her short-sleeved mock turtleneck with matching corsage-like fabric-blob welcome us to Day 70 and ask us if being in control of the votes means that Ryan and Adam are also in control of the house. Frankly, I'm not entirely convinced those two meatheads are in control of their bowels.

After the Veto meeting -- which, counting the previouslies, we just saw the end of for the second time in as many minutes -- everyone talks individually in the DR about what's next. Sheila wraps it up: "[Natalie's] gone. Bye-bye." Well, that depends on the level of plan adhesion now, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, Natalie is working on Ryan and Adam, asking them to stick to her plan so they can all go to the final three. I should point out that Natalie really needs to stop spending so much time in the sun; she's starting to look a bit charred.

The next day, while the women are all out in the yard, Ryan and Adam take advantage of their privacy to talk about what they're going to do next. What do two meatheads do when they have a secret decision to make? Call a house meeting, of course. Wait, what?

Afterward, Natalie is back in the bedroom with Ryan and Adam, leaning on them to keep her, and she's surprised to hear they want to have a meeting that night. I'm surprised the editors expect us to believe this isn't a continuation of the scene I described in the third paragraph; everyone's in the same position and wearing the same clothes. Upon hearing that the guys need a meeting before they're willing to decide what to do, Natalie commences freaking out, and goes to Sheila to tell her about the meeting. Sheila is also a little freaked out, but not for the reasons she claims to Natalie. This meeting is not in the plan, therefore the plan is not being stuck to.

Ryan and Adam try to call their meeting, complete with the Bible waiting on the table. But Natalie wants to sit it out, ostensibly because she's in the middle of dying her hair but, I suspect, in truth because she'd rather avoid the discussion altogether. So the guys decide to relocate the whole meeting to the back room, where Natalie is. Ryan confronts Natalie regarding what they've heard from Sharon and Sheila, namely that Natalie is playing both sides. Sheila and Sharon watch nervously -- this is so not in the script. In front of the whole hose, Natalie insists that her true loyalties are to the two boys. They don't let her off the hook; as they are no doubt aware, it's easy for Natalie to claim she's on their side now when they have the controlling votes. Unfortunately, nobody asks whose side Natalie would be on if Sheila and Sharon were doing the voting this week. Those two ladies, by the way, are just sitting there helplessly watching their plan go down the drain. Ryan decrees that there will be no more playing of both sides, and Adam declares the meeting adjourned. Who's Head of Household around here, anyway? But I guess they've just answered Julie's question from earlier.

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