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Hopeless Casey

Looking oddly reasonable in lilac and white, Julie welcomes us to day 26 inside the house, reminds us that the nominees this week are Casey and Jordan, and relates the not-so-shocking news that the cliques are about to be broken up. The only surprising thing about that is that it's happening so early. She also lets us know that Jessie is gunning for Casey. "This could be the banana's final appeal," she deadpans.

After a replay of Jessie putting up Casey as the replacement nominee for Michele, Casey Diary-Rooms that he's shocked that no one else was shocked. "Didn't we have a plan?" Casey, it's time you learned: if you've gone three days in the house without hearing about a new plan, the new plan is to evict you. Ronnie DR-gloats, Jeff has no idea what's going on, and Jessie explains that Casey's a bigger threat to him than Ronnie. Well, now he is.

In the DR, Jordan recalls Ronnie's smug reaction to the new nominations, and how she wanted to tell him, "The only reason why you are still here is because you are Jessie's bitch." She and Casey lament the short memories in the house. Jeff joins them, and asks what was up with Jessie's snotty attitude during the Veto ceremony.

While Jessie sleeps, Lydia enters the HoH room, lies down next to him on the bed, and watches him sleep. That doesn't even need the night-vision cameras to be creepy. The producers give her a Psycho edit as she talks about her disturbing hobby in the DR. That's fucked up.

Jordan's strategy to survive the upcoming vote is to literally lie back and let Casey's mouth get him in trouble. "I'm the greatest pawn ever," she boasts.

Still wearing his banana suit, Casey puts his strategy into effect, beginning with Kevin. Kevin runs down a few scenarios, suggesting some other potential votes to join him and Lydia to keep him. Casey has doubts as to whether Lydia would go against Jessie, but he's not exactly swimming in options right now.

Thus he approaches Russell, trying the same tactic he did on Kevin: will Russell vote his own interests, or do what "daddy" tells him? Russell is kind of offended, but even he realizes that Jessie might send him home before either Natalie or Ronnie. Russell gives it some thought, and wonders if Casey can line up Michele.

Back in the studio, Julie introduces a little package about the Jeff/Jordan showmance. We see a clip about Chima, Natalie, and Michele flirting with Jeff on Jordan's behalf, and pressuring her to date him the minute he's out of earshot. Then suddenly we're in Shawneetown, NC, where they're so proud of their hometown girl they've misspelled her name. "Good Luck Jordon on Big Brother" reads a hand-lettered sign that looks to have endured a rain shower or two. We see the family watching Jordan flirting with Jeff on Big Brother, and her mom speculating that Jeff might be the guy. Then we're in Chicago, with a viewing party witnessing his "Technotronic" triumph. There's a little montage of Jordan being dumb and Jeff being sweet to her. There's some creepy talk from their respective parents about why they haven't kissed yet, supported by a clip of Jordan planting one on Jeff's cheek with a loud fart-noise. Aw, isn't that just adorable.

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