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Okay, here's the weird thing: Jen is totally self-involved, not very bright, and nobody likes her. And while that's probably going to add up to her ouster very soon, it actually makes her a really strong and scary HoH. It's all sorts of strange.

So previously, Jen was wildly jealous of Daniele being on the receiving end of Nick's puppy-dog eyes and didn't end up hiding it well, or at all. Kail tried to protect her alliance of straight dudes by encouraging Jen to nominate any homosexual who wasn't nailed down. Dick was very upfront with Jen about how much he hated her, and was rewarded with a nomination for eviction for him and Daniele.

Blue-tinted flashback footage reminds us that Jen's reasons for nominating D&D were so incredibly self-obsessed, I almost blocked them out of my mind. Way to bring the house down with your awkwardness over your two-year estrangement, assholes! Both Dick and Daniele take their nomination with the kind of tight-lipped "I'm fine" repetition that lets you know they're really not fine at all. The not-finest of all, however, is Amber, who is full-on weeping in the diary room because she likes D&D so much. To Amber's credit, however, she at least realizes she's being ridiculous. Joe and Daniele separately shoot down Jen's stupid "negative energy" rationale in their DR sessions. Daniele says the simple reason is that Jen is jealous that Daniele's getting all of Nick's attention. It'd sound ridiculous and conceited if it weren't 100% true.

Speaking of the house fake couple, we're treated to another bedside whisper session between Nick and Daniele. This looks suspiciously like the same conversation from which Nick's "key to my heart" offer was culled on Sunday's show. Here, Nick spills the beans about his alliance with Zach, Mike, and Kail. He wants Daniele to know she's his primary alliance. Daniele, for her part, reveals her "shocking" "secret" that she's a year younger than she told people. Miraculously, Nick's eyeballs don't melt right out of his head from that reveal. Then he starts to tell her he's developing "feelings" for her after a week and a half, and it's complete with the "I never expected to feel this way" clichés, and I desperately hope there's at least some strategy to this, because otherwise Nick's stepping right in it. Case in point: Zach and Mike's hammock conversation, where instead of discussing how Zach looks like he could be Mike's inbred country cousin, they're bitching about Nick's closeness with Daniele and how they hope he's not being played by Daniele's manipulative vagina. Women being the downfall of men and all. Zach ominously intones that Nick better be prepared to vote Daniele out. I wonder how widespread Zach's influence in the house is. He certainly seems to think he's running things.

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