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April Glowers

Julie looks conservative in all-black from a distance, until we get close enough to see that her jacket was stolen off of a deformed doll. We see Dan at the veto ceremony, telling everyone about a mysterious cash offer and not using the Power of Veto. Actually, we see it twice, but I think that goes without saying by now. Michelle is wondering where the money offer came from, and she's making it her mission to find out. Talking to Memphis and Keesha, she doesn't think it was April, so that to her is a good enough reason for Jerry to leave the game. That's why Jerry needs to go?

Poolside, Keesha tells Dan and Memphis that she's not changing her vote. Memphis agrees, but Dan's too busy listening and playing with a paddleball to commit one way or another, even when Keesha directs a pointed glance his way.

And later, by the hot tub, April whines to Ollie about how she hasn't done anything to anyone, and this is all because of Keesha's dislike of her. She Diary Rooms that she's going to go after the swing votes, especially Dan. And while talking to April, Ollie keeps trying to find the line between being helpful and supportive and just telling April what she wants to hear. Unfortunately, that line is a wall from where he's standing, and he's on the wrong side of it.

The first person they approach is Michelle, and Ollie promises that neither of them will nominate Michelle as Head of Household if she votes Jerry out. That still leaves the question of Dan. Michelle doesn't commit to anything, saying that she's going to have to vote with the house to keep from being a target. Did she really say that out loud? Because that sounded almost... reasonable.

Ollie then approaches Dan to make his pitch for keeping April. Again, Dan's not committing. He's getting really good at that.

And then April makes her own move with Dan in the storage room, opening with a question about whether Jerry offered him money as well. Dan says no, and that he only mentioned it during the PoV ceremony so he doesn't look stupid for appearing to buy Jerry's recent turnaround. So then April reiterates her own offer of money, along with whatever safety she can provide. Dan? Will think about it. He DRs that he keeps finding himself in the swing position, and he's loving it. His low-profile strategy isn't really happening, but it's weird how it isn't not happening, either.

Julie introduces a few DR speeches about the nominees. Ollie of course wants to keep April, saying he's connected with her more than he has with anyone in his life. That is so sad. Michelle is torn between going against the house and going against her own liking of April and Ollie. You'd think if she liked him so much she'd quit calling him "Ali." Memphis wants April out because April wants him out (she's still going on about the damn car, apparently), but then there's the long list of reasons Jerry gets on his nerves. I wish I had time here to compare his list with mine.

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