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Dressed like a green onion with glitter on its face, Julie teases "the most action-packed episode of the summer." I'll believe it when I see it. And I'm not saying that for the reason I normally would. I mean, with Chima's expulsion and all, even tonight's previouslies are more interesting than most episodes.

Oh, and in the credits, you know how they show each evicted houseguest's exit in a little video tile? While everyone else is shown coming out the front door, Chima is just shown walking down the hall to the Diary Room. Awesome.

As everyone knows by now, emergency-replacement-HoH Jordan nominated Natalie and Lydia, the latter of whom is still in her "Captain Unitard" costume (with her dyed-pink hair, not a wig), and complains in the Diary Room about the "poopy feeling" of having been nominated a fourth time. That would not be a comfortable outfit to have a poopy feeling in. Natalie DRs about how she plans to win the Power of Veto competition (and then trisect an angle and phase through walls), and Michele DRs that she's going to do the same. She has at least won two more than Natalie has, which is zero.

Jordan privately assures Natalie that she's just a pawn, but DRs that she reserves the right to change her mind. Would anyone notice a change that small?

Natalie whispers to Kevin what Jordan just told her, and they both try to buck up Lydia, telling her to "just win the Veto." "Haven't you noticed I can't win shit in this house?" Lydia whines from under the blankets. Uh, Lydia? I noticed. Natalie points out that the same can be said of herself, and lies that she hasn't been told she isn't the target. Kevin's getting frustrated with Lydia's intractability, to the point where if he wins the PoV, he thinks it might be better for himself to use it on Natalie. Lydia would LOVE that.

Russell bonds with Michele, congratulating them both on being "lone wolves" and saying he wants to take her to the final two, because he needs to be up against another villain in front of the jury. They're wondering when Jeff is going to turn on them just when Jeff comes in. Russell figures he and Jeff are square now, so he considered any alliances with Jeff are dissolved. Okay, then.

In the night-vision cameras in the red room, Natalie suddenly wants to play truth or dare with Lydia. Except the truth is the dare, because Natalie wants to know how many times Lydia "hooked up" with Jessie. Lydia plays coy for a bit, then confesses to some "good times" when Jessie was HoH. This is unnecessarily illustrated by a clip of Lydia climbing out of Jessie's bed in her underwear. This is starting to turn ugly between the two women, so after getting them both wound up against Jessie, Kevin does the wise thing by kicking them out so he can sleep. I was wondering how long Lydia and Natalie's post-Jessie alliance would last, considering how much they hated each other when Jessie was in the house. But now, it's stronger than ever, because they've decided to hate Jessie instead for playing them both. That's why they hate Jessie? That was the one thing he was uncomfortable with in the house. Whatever. This gives them new motivation to stay in the house and become HBIC -- Head Bitch In Charge. That sounds like a solid plan, except for the fact that it seems to a) omit the plural, and b) be impossible.

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