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Six Angry Women

Julie's back in the studio for the second night in a row, promising round two of McCrae vs. the Exterminators up next. But round two of how many? Then the previouslies make the Exterminators seem like some unstoppable juggernaut, crediting them with the exits of Aaryn, Amanda and Elissa, "three of the biggest players in the game!" Learn to count, previouslies.

After those and the credits, Julie tells us how tonight is going to go in terms of the story beats; it's still just a question of who's going to get beat. We flash back to Judd's exit last night, and GinaMarie Diary Rooms that she's bummed about Judd's exit but glad to be in the final four. McCrae DRs that he voted Judd out because the others wanted it, but he now suspects that that all three of the other people in the house might be working together. You think? Spencer has mixed emotions, saying he's glad three of the remaining four players are in his alliance but it should have been McCrae leaving instead of Judd. Andy calls Judd's exit "excruciating," but brightsides that he trusts GinaMarie a little more and is a step closer to the money. "Which is all I really care about at this point." Good. Stop crying then. Actually he's two steps closer, because he won HoH last night and is guaranteed to be in the final three. Spencer is confident in the DR, and so is GinaMarie. Now all their hopes rest on McCrae not winning the Veto. Again.

Inside after the competition, as soon as McCrae leaves the room the other three vow fervently that he isn't going to win the next Veto. Andy runs through the scenarios with them, and the only one they hate is the one where McCrae wins again, and then it's entirely up to him whether Spencer or GinaMarie goes out. So obviously they all want to avoid that.

We fast-forward to the nominations, which Andy says is all about nominating McCrae and not pissing off the wrong other person, but he knows the Veto is the real power this time around. He calls the other three in for the nomination ceremony and brings in the key box with its one key. Which turns out to be GinaMarie's. Spencer's record of most nominations is getting harder and harder to beat for future players. Andy tells them all to play hard in the Veto, which they all know is what counts. Did you know the Veto is what counts? Because the Veto is what counts. Spencer DRs that he knows that Andy had to nominate either himself or GinaMarie against McCrae, but now he's suspecting that Andy and GinaMarie have something going on that he doesn't know about. Well, even if there were, there's not much he can do about it.

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