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Evel Never Dies

After being nominated along with Chelsia, James talks about how this has made him more of a threat than he was before. Hence the pink shirt and purple pants, which makes anyone look super scary. Chelsia admits in the DR that it was smart of Adam to pit them against each other, and then they go and fool around in the storage room. Joshuah congratulates himself on being the only person in the house who hasn't been nominated so far. Well, someone always is. Rejoining the rest of the group, Chelsia and James start jokingly speculating about who's going to be backdoored, since obviously James and Chelsia aren't going anywhere.

Natalie goes up to the HoH room to congratulate Adam on his nominations. "D-U-N, done," she tells him. I wish I could be sure she's kidding. Meanwhile, downstairs, James is joking around about how his second eviction interview with Julie will go, which gets on Sheila's nerves. How dare he not mope and lie on the ground like last time? She goes up to the HoH room so she, Adam, and Natalie can watch on the monitor and be all annoyed that the nominees aren't acting more upset, and so the ladies can suck up to Adam. He, at least, has a more realistic attitude: "If he wins PoV, this house is fucked."

In the storage room, Chelsia has dropped the pretense and talks to Joshuah about possible escape scenarios for herself and James. Josh lays it out for her -- if there's no veto, Chelsia is the one who will stay. Well, duh.

Later, now that they're alone, James and Chelsia sit and feel sorry for themselves -- except that James asks Chelsia to throw the PoV competition, since he's already been evicted once. Chelsia wants to stay, though. Ah, the course of true love never did run smooth between a pair of money-grubbing famewhores.

Meanwhile, Sheila worries about what will happen if James wins PoV, but Natalie's got it covered: she's using The Secret!

Movie time. Adam gathers everyone in the living room and delivers big tubs of popcorn, and the following news: one of the people watching the movies gets to win the Vegas trip that Ryan lost in Sunday's luxury competition. All they have to do is find the ticket hidden in one of the popcorn tubs. Chelsia wins it, much to her excitement. I have to say, I think she would have won even if she hadn't immediately dumped all the popcorn all over. And after that, she, Sheila, Joshuah, and Sharon head upstairs for the screening. "I'm going to sit here and sulk and eat this popcorn on the ground," Natalie says. This is what happens to you when you don't have anyone around to talk to except the DR camera: you start narrating your life in a really obvious way.

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