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It's 3AM, I Must Be Pissy

Aaryn nominated Elissa and Helen last week, as per the secret instructions of her allies in 3AM -- Amanda, McCrae and Andy. Aaryn Diary Rooms about how her nomination speech was very strategic, which I believe I remarked on at the time. Helen DRs that she'd be worried if she didn't have a final-three deal with Andy and McCrae -- a deal which is, of course, fake, and which Andy and McCrae only initiated to keep Helen in the dark. Elissa DRs about how sad she is to be nominated against her closest friend in the house, because she's still playing the game as it existed a month ago… which makes sense, because she's hardly been seen for a month. Helen tells Elissa to be nice to Aaryn and that one of them has to win the Veto in order to send Spencer home instead of one of them. That seems like a lot of ifs, even with the incomplete information they have.

Andy and Helen have a chat as well, in which Helen cries about Elissa's lameness and her need to save herself, which is pretty hard on Andy, so at least he doesn't have to act that much as he pretends to feel bad for her. But he does agree to see if he can talk Aaryn into shifting her sights to Spencer.

Elissa's charm offensive gets off on the right foot when she walks in on Amanda and McCrae making out. Amanda tells Elissa what they were up to, meaning, "Get out," but Elissa wants to hang and have a conversation with them. She says that she's sensing that Helen blames her for being nominated. Amanda's only too happy to encourage them to turn against each other, which will force the one who stays to look for a new ally… like Amanda. So Amanda tells Elissa about Helen's Elissa-bitching from the other night, which Elissa partly believes as much as she mistrusts Amanda. Still, Amanda figures Elissa will be in her pocket after Helen leaves. Just how big are Amanda's pockets anyway?

Andy then tells Spencer that Helen is after him, warning him that Spencer needs to win the Veto. Of course, winning PoV is that last thing Andy himself wants to do, because that might require him to make a move. At the very least, it might reveal his true allegiances.

The Veto players are drawn, and half the house is pretty invested in Spencer either getting chosen or not chosen. Aaryn draws GinaMarie's name, Helen draws Spencer (much to her dismay), and Elissa gets Houseguest's Choice and picks Andy. Just what he didn't want.

Later, Andy fake-commiserates with Helen about Spencer getting to play in the PoV competition. Helen idly wonders if GinaMarie might be willing to take part in backdooring Spencer, then asks Andy if he's heard anything about people wanting to send her home. Andy claims nobody would say anything about that to him, and runs down the fake votes that Helen has in her fake bag. Andy is actually feeling pretty guilty at having to lie to Helen that he's going to A) try to win the veto and B) use it on her, neither of which is the case.

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