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Final Five

The downside of all the stuff that happened Thursday night has a downside: it means there's a lot to rehash from Thursday night. We're starting with everyone's reactions to Michelle's eviction. Dan just hopes his alliance remains unscathed, Jerry is conscious of his increased vulnerability as his alliance dwindles, Renny and Keesha feel bad about having to vote Michelle out, and pre-evicted Ollie promises that Michelle will be avenged. He'd better hurry. Memphis, on the other hand, isn't sorry to see the back of Michelle.

Then we rehash the final tie-tie-breaker question in Thursday's Head of Household competition, which Memphis was certain Keesha was going to screw up. And she kind of did, but Jerry screwed it up more so Keesha ended up winning HoH. As you may recall, she nominated Jerry and Ollie, both of whom felt their backs against the wall. And moments later was the Power of Veto competition, which Dan won and then commented in the Diary Room that after winning two PoVs and an HoH, his "I'm a weak player" strategy is kind of going out the window. We also see that after the PoV, Dan pulled Memphis and Keesha together and confirmed that they would vote to evict Ollie. And then in the house, Dan pulled Renny aside to tell her what the shot was, and Renny agreed. Meanwhile, Ollie sat on his bed and pouted instead of spending his time in a more productive way, like packing.

We again see Dan declining to use the veto, after which Ollie said to Jerry, "We don't get a week to campaign, do we?" "Life is short," Jerry chuckled back, despite being living proof to the contrary. We also see Ollie's exit, and Dan gloats about how well it's going for his final-four alliance. Jerry sees the writing on the wall, and he begs the other four to just talk to him over the next week. Only five players left.

Unfortunately, the first person Jerry decides to have a talk with is Renny, who can't stand having a conversation with him. She ends up back in one of the bedrooms with the other three, who promise to try to keep Jerry away from her while he putters around alone in his bedroom with his luggage. And in the living room later, the other four feel bad for Jerry, until Renny remarks that he could still win the game. The other three warn her not to jinx it. Too late!

It's eight o'clock Pacific Time in the Big Brother house, while Renny insists to Dan and Memphis that it's six o'clock back home in New Orleans. Indeed, she gets rather heated when Dan keeps trying to explain how New Orleans is two hours ahead of them. Eventually she at least realizes her mistake and has the grace to laugh at herself.

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