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Down With Dick

As you may recall, last time we met, Jessica's peeps were jumping up and down because she won HoH, and there was already some shit starting between Dick and the people who aren't biologically related to Dick. Once again, Voice-Over Guy characterizes the LNC as "turning against" Dick and Daniele, is if V-O Guy never heard of the word "alienated" before.

We see Kail getting voted out again, and Dick storming off muttering "Liars." So that's fun. As are all the people crying and acting all serious in the bunny suits. I feel like we're in the last reel of The Shining and there's bad stuff happening behind every door I open. Daniele apologizes to Kail for being such a crap-ass HoH that she ended up getting her second-best ally in the house voted out. Stellar job, dimwit. She bitches about how worthless and untrustworthy the people who voted Kail out are. No one bothers to explain to her that at the time she made her nominations, the LNC was just as loyal to Eric as they were to Daniele. She was the one who decided she'd test it. Eric DRs that he was ecstatic that his "friends" chose to keep him in the game. Okay, this is the student of the game CBS chose to be "America's Player"? Who thinks these people voted based on friendship rather than strategy? All my illusions have faded away.

Anyway, nobody's gloating just yet, because the HoH comp has still yet to happen. But Dick still wants to throw his weight around, so he starts calling everyone liars for keeping "that idiot" Eric in the game. Eric still has no clue how to respond to Dick, probably because it's like 60/40 whether Dick's going to actually punch him or not. Dick tells Eric he doesn't deserve to be there and that he "better have a hell of an HoH competition there, Jack!" See, it's the "Jack" that makes it hilarious. That and the fact that Eric's closest ally ended up winning HoH.

Because, did you hear? Jessica totally won. And the LNC freaked the fuck out. Normally such a display of screaming and arm-pumping would be obnoxious when the victory was won by answering trivia questions about Nick and Carol, but since the entire celebration was simply a means of shoving shit in Dick's face, I wholeheartedly approve. Daniele DRs that this all goes to show that these guys had a plan all along and she and her dad "got played." And, once again, they weren't the ones who nominated Eric before learning to count to four, so Daniele kind of played herself, didn't she?

So then the shit goes down. Dick re-asserts his position that everybody who didn't vote the way he wanted them to are liars. Amber thinks Dick's full of shit and is too controlling besides. Eric says something about having freed Amber and Jameka from their commitments to him, and then Jess, brilliantly, says, "We're over the whole Eric thing now." I loved that: you tried, you failed, we won, no need to talk. That almost redeems the ugliness that's to follow. Jameka chimes in about...something. Her general position is that she never lied to him about anything, but it ends up getting obscured by about 15 minutes worth of repetition and squabbling about God and clapping her hands (which, she DRs, was her way of keeping from punching Dick in the face, which I found a little funny). After one particularly neck-swiveling declaration, Dustin goes, "Work it out, girlfriend," and Dick's all over that, because Dustin playing the fag was fine with him until Dustin wasn't on his side anymore. Dick makes a swishy arm gesture (asshole) and tells Dustin to shut up.

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