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Down For The Count

On Day 15, everyone reacts to James and Chelsia's nomination of Amanda ("we're too strong," not "everybody hates me") and Alex ("this is all Amanda's fault") and Matt ("James is a dirty double-crosser. Also, Parker who?"). In the HoH room, James doesn't feel bad about it at all, although Chelsia is worried that they'll be on the block next week no matter what happens.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Matt commiserate over James's mendacity, and Matt says that he intends to win the PoV competition. Alex, on the other hand, sits out on the porch and sulks. When Amanda comes out to talk to him, he pushes her away, warning her that he needs some time to avoid lashing out at her. "Okay, just keep a positive attitude," Amanda chirps instead of leaving. Which causes Alex to lash out at her after all, saying that nobody said anything bad about him, only her, but now they're both nominated. Still, Alex struggles to take Amanda's advice after she leaves. "Think positive," he mutters to himself. The obvious joke: I'm positive Alex and Amanda are going home this week.

This must be footage from the all-bikini day decided upon in the HoH competition, as Allison and Natalie stage duels with spray bottles full of cleaning supplies. In other words, Allison is happy to be off the block, and generally more fun to be around. This is quite annoying to Sheila, who preferred the old, needy, clinging-to-Sheila-for-support-24/7 version of Allison rather than this new, independent, happy one. Amanda, having learned nothing, eggs Sheila on.

James and Adam stand outside smoking, and Matt comes out to confront James in a rather passive-aggressive way. Alex shows up as well, and they kind of double-team James. Adam has vanished somewhere in the editing, much as his real-life job has vanished thanks to his referring to his autistic clients as "retards." Not to worry; I'm sure he'll land another PR job right away. Clearly, he has a knack for it. Anyway, James pretends not to be intimidated, reminding them that they're playing a game. But he soon heads inside, before they can start administering noogies to his pink Mohawk.

Sheila decides to take Allison aside to put her on notice that Sheila's not happy, using the tried and untrue "are you mad at me or something?" gambit. Allison assures Sheila that it's not so. She just needs to get to know Ryan better, which is why she hasn't been hanging with Sheila so much lately. Good one.

PoV player selection: the competing couples will be James/Chelsia as HoH couple, Matt/Natalie and Alex/Amanda as nominees, and Joshuah/Sharon as the randomly selected couple. And they've picked Adam as the host, which surprisingly is not random. Why they'd want the event to be hosted by someone whose vocal delivery when he's worked up sounds like that of the Tasmanian Devil is beyond me.

Alex and Matt duck into the pantry to agree that one of them is going to have to win PoV. And I'm sure they'll each use it on the other, right? James comes in, taunting them (which is dumb) and bending over with his back to them to get something out of the fridge (which is dumber) before ducking out again (which is less dumb).

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