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An Alliance Broken, a Showmance

Julie's dressed for a funeral, even though it's double eviction night, the happiest time of the season! After the previouslies, Julie welcomes us to the show, which she promises will have a whole week's worth of activity in an hour. But first!

Flashback to Britney replacement-nominating Matt, who tells us in the Diary Room that he needs to pull another rabbit out of his hat. Yes, that and another Diamond PoV, or perhaps a Men In Black neuralyzer so everyone forgets what a twat he's been. And the best part is that his betrayal of Ragan was for nothing, because Britney tells us she was considering replacement-nominating Hayden, but Matt screwed himself with his own ruthlessness toward Ragan. Enzo announces that after Matt, the Brigade is going after Brendon, Britney, and Ragan. "Get 'em out of here," Enzo DRs, as though they did something to him.

Britney goes to sympathize with Ragan, who is actually more upset about Matt's betrayal than his nomination. Matt asks to talk to Ragan, and Ragan shoots him down. Ragan DRs that on the bright side, this made him realize it's a game, and he'd damn well better step his up. Matt goes to Britney to find out why Ragan shut him out. Britney pretends not to know, but Matt's not fooled; he knows Britney sold him out. He DRs, "I'm in some big trouble here if I can't get Ragan back on my side." Yeah, good luck with that.

Matt's angle for approaching Ragan is to claim that he "accidentally" threw Ragan under the bus. Matt babbles about Ragan "campaigning" for him last week. Which totally backfires, because it makes Ragan want to distance himself from Matt even more. So Ragan comes out into the yard and announces to everyone that whatever Matt may have said, he doesn't want anyone to think Ragan was campaigning for him. Enzo lies that the original plan last week was to split the vote and thus leave it up to Kathy, which is not true, but which still leads Ragan to the correct conclusion that Enzo, Hayden, Matt, and Lane are in an alliance together.

Later, Ragan confronts Matt about his theory. Matt freaks out at first, but then realizes that he can blackmail Hayden and Lane into keeping him around, to protect them from Ragan. That's the kind of plan only a diabolical super-genius could come up with. Or someone who calls himself a diabolical super-genius.

That night, Matt reports to Lane and Hayden that Ragan's onto them. Which causes them to decide Ragan needs to go. Hayden DRs that the Brigade "controls" everyone in the house except Ragan, so it may be worth keeping Matt around. But the question is whether Matt can be trusted, or if he was the one who told Ragan. And Ragan, in turn, is quietly plotting to break up the secret alliance, and soliloquizing about his determination to win the next HoH.

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