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The Not-So-Hardy Boys

Wearing a sleeveless black jumpsuit with a set of black measuring spoons dangling from around her neck, Julie is still touting Dan's "biggest move in Big Brother history" last week, but says that with tonight's double eviction, anything can happen. Okay, how about a triple eviction, then? Can that happen?

We're reminded in the previouslies that after saving his own ass last week, Dan's playing was far from over, as he went on to beat Frank in this week's Power of Veto competition, and then got Frank to agree to be cool with not being vetoed, leading to his veto of the other nominee, Jenn, instead, and Ian replacing her with Joe. And Frank still seems to think he's in great shape. Which he is, physically.

Back in the studio, Julie tells us it's Day 62 and says it's been all about blindsides this season. She also mentions that it's Frank's sixth time being nominated, so either he or Joe will be leaving shortly. Julie adds that given tonight's double eviction, there will be only five players left by the end of the show. Best news of the night.

Julie segues into a short sequence on the action inside the house since the Veto meeting shown last night, and on Day 59, Joe loudly DRs that he's hoping Frank's the real target. That appears to be his whole strategy. Jenn is relieved to be off the block but worried about Frank, so "it's still go time." Go, then. Oh, right, she has no strategy either. Frank figures he only needs three votes to be safe, and figures that Dan, Danielle, and Jenn are firmly in his camp, unaware that Dan's secretly flipped on him. Dan happily DRs about Jenn being on his side and Frank being in the dark.

Frank has a talk with Dan in the kitchen about next week -- a conversation during which Dan slips up and mentions what Joe might do, as if he's still going to be here rather than Frank. Frank is stunned at the very idea, and Dan's red-faced in the DR, admitting, "I gotta be a lot more careful than that this week." Frank tells Dan he has reason to be worried, as this reminds him of unpleasant past events. Of course he's looking for anything from Dan, who, unwisely, is still busying himself cutting up fruit rather than looking Frank in the face. Of course, even if Frank twigs to what's going on, it's probably too late for him to do anything to save himself. But he can still really embarrass Dan.

Joe visits a hammock-rocking Ian to ask for advice. Ian tells Joe to play it cool, and DRs that Joe is the one person in the house who could screw this up. Joe talks about how Ian might have a chance to take down Frank himself, in the event of a tied vote that Ian has to break. Ian acts excited at the very prospect.

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