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Julie's sticking with orange, apparently, as she tells the live audience what the previouslies have been explaining to us for several minutes, only in more detail. The houseguests are sitting in the living room waiting, with the remaining members of the increasingly misnamed "Popular" clique, Laura and Jordan, sitting in the nominee chairs, both adjusting their boobs like they don't know they're on camera.

Ronnie tells us that he's planning to get Laura out of the house, but promises that Russell is still on his "hit list." Like he's going to get another chance. Casey doesn't seem to think that's likely. Jordan reminds Laura, "You know what to do" if Laura stays and she goes. Laura doesn't seem to think there's much chance of that, but she Diary-Rooms, "I'm not dead yet." I'm already hating her less, and she busts out a Monty Python reference? No fair.

Jordan goes to her BB-BFF Jeff in the backyard for reassurance, and they both agree that she's more likely to stay than Laura, because Laura's the smarter of the two of them. By that logic, Jordan will eventually face a jury vote while standing next to one of the houseplants. With that urgent business out of the way, they can move on to the flirting and canoodling. No "booger," though, at least not on camera.

Laura makes an approach to Ronnie, warning him that if she leaves, Ronnie will be facing a Jeff/Jordan alliance. Ronnie acts open to keeping Laura, and suggests proposing to Jessie that they evict Jordan, which he claims will flip almost half the house. Ronnie's right about one thing: there will be some flipping.

So Ronnie summons the contingent he mentioned up to HoH: Chima, Lydia, Natalie, and Kevin. He suggests the idea of evicting Jordan, and when nobody goes for it -- probably because like everyone else in the world, they're tired of watching Ronnie pulling random levers and cackling -- he brings up Russell, claiming that Laura told Ronnie that Russell is trying to rally votes to keep Laura. Natalie bails on the conversation to head out to the backyard to find out from Jessie if that's true, but since Jessie doesn't know either, he calls Russell over and asks if it's true (now in front of Jeff). Russell denies it, and goes to find Ronnie. Meanwhile, Casey and Jordan are also hearing about this move, and when Laura comes out, she says it isn't true, and suggests a house meeting to get all this out in the open. Looks like someone may have overreached a bit.

A moment later, pretty much everyone is out there, and Laura asks Ronnie in front of everyone else if what he is claiming re: her and Russell is true. "I'm not being put on the spot," is all Ronnie will say. Laura gets emotional about how everyone in the house hates her anyway, but Ronnie's hiding behind a claim that he promised Laura privacy, like some kind of HoH-HG privilege he's invoking when in fact he just doesn't want to have to pick which lie to go with in front of everyone. He adds that he's fine with people making of that what they will, and does that stupid thing he keeps doing, which is walking away so everyone can talk about him. Which they do, discussing the lies of Ronnie. After a few minutes of that, Russell heads inside, only to find Ronnie calling down to him from the HoH mezzanine. But Russell's not having it, and when Ronnie names all the people he claims he hasn't lied to (which is by no means all the people in the house, it's worth mentioning), Russell invites everyone inside to hear it from Ronnie, and he gets a great high-angle vantage point where he can watch his entire house of cards tumble down. Laura announces that Ronnie's been playing them against each other all along. Finally he retreats into his room, and looks at Russell on the monitor, saying, "Should have put his ass up." Yes, Ronnie, Russell is the problem right now.

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