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You guys, I swear to God there was no PoV ceremony in the episode I saw last night. I stuck around for the closing credits and even the Jericho previouslies to make sure. I will admit that my digital cable froze up for a few seconds, but I didn't think that was anywhere near long enough for something to actually happen. I suggest you take up any complaints with my local CBS affiliate, WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. And ask them to have our evening news anchor tone down the pinstripes, while you're at it.

Okay, so tonight's previouslies "reveal" (to me, at least), that Matt and Natalie decided not to use the PoV, contrary to Matt's promises to Parker.

Julie welcomes us to tonight's show by reminding us that Jen and Ryan, the real-life couple, are about to be "torn apart." Not by wolves, alas. But before we move on to that, Julie wants to tell us how the house turned on Amanda in "the biggest fight in Big Brother history." Another one?

There's a little montage of Amanda telling stories on everyone in the house, just for the sake of gossiping. Eventually people start comparing notes, and Chelsia hears that Amanda thinks James wants to win HoH and nominate Alex and Amanda. As James's partner, this pisses off Chelsia enough that she goes out to the hot tub (where Amanda's soaking with some other people) and throws down. Amanda noisily protests her innocence, and then Joshuah makes a move: specifically, he goes completely off, screaming at Amanda, calling her a horse-face, telling her that the whole house hates her, and eventually storming inside in what would appear to be a blind rage. But Joshuah DRs that it was all just an act, to turn the whole house against Amanda. I would question the wisdom of that, since Joshuah was the one acting like a crazy person here. But Joshuah's statement is borne out when even Alex angrily explains to Amanda that talking shit about one person affects that person's partner, much as Alex is being affected by everyone's anger at Amanda right now. As Amanda continues to insist that she never mentioned Chelsia's name (which is not the point), Joshuah comes back out and sarcastically suggests that Amanda get a halo. "Or a noose," Chelsia snots. "Just like her dad," Joshuah cackles. Ooh, foul. Amanda has a meltdown and goes into the kitchen, where Allison goes to comfort her. Also, while I don't think Amanda has a pretty face, I should say for the record that it isn't horselike. Rather, she has the jaw and lips of a young Hugh Hefner. Get her a pipe and you can see why her face might appeal to a certain type of guy who doesn't realize what's going on.

Later, Amanda takes a comforting bubble bath in the HoH bathroom, while Parker, Sharon, and Jen stand around sympathetically. Sharon tells Amanda to ignore them so that they'll stop. The girls leave, and Parker sticks around to try to make Amanda feel better about being hated and ugly.

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