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"The Diamond Power of Veto," Julie pronounces from the studio, herself dressed up like a diamond wearing a black power suit. "Get ready for the biggest night of blindsides the game has ever seen." That better be true, lady.

So as per the previouslies, Head of House Brendon nominated Lane and Ragan, but then Ragan won the Power of Veto, so Brendon replacement-nominated Matt in his place, unaware -- like everyone else in the house -- that Matt has the super-special magical Diamond PoV, which allows him to save any nominee -- including himself -- and name his own replacement as long as it isn't Brendon or Ragan. Brendon thinks this means he'll get to send Matt to the jury house as an "I Love You" gift to Rachel. Worst valentine ever.

The Brigade has pretty much already cut Matt loose, and in fact they don't seem to feel as bad about it as Ragan does. Because he still thinks Matt's wife has a rare bone disease. Right, I forgot about that. Outside, Ragan exhorts Matt to stay, and Matt plays the part of the sad, helpless loser, then tips one of the cameras a conspiratorial wink.

In addition to making Ragan cry, Matt is also using this opportunity to feel out his fellow Brigade members to see if they're still loyal to him. Hayden lets Matt in on Rachel's pretzel message, which they learned about from Kathy. Which of course puts Kathy instantly at the top of Matt's shit list, right under Brendon.

Lane also asks Hayden and Enzo who they plan to vote for, and they assure him that Matt's going home. Lane's also confident of Britney's vote.

Enzo, who really needs to stop wearing his sunglasses in the house when he's talking to people he plans to screw over, visits Matt in the Have-Not dump to ask whether Matt will still want a Brigade member to win even if Matt himself loses. Which makes Matt tell the Diary Room that he's considering nominating Enzo. While using it as an opportunity to be smug some more. You can be a smug as you want, Matt, we're not going to believe you plan to nominate Enzo at this stage.

Ragan's latest saboteur mission is to leave a note somewhere in the house that reads "I know your secret." This is the first act of sabotage he's done that actually requires him to leave the Diary Room. He slips the note under one of the pillows in the red room, on a bed which later turns out to be Enzo's. Enzo finds the note much later that night, and holds it up to the DR camera, annoyed at how this could mess up his game. Because, you know, he does have a secret alliance. Ragan signed it "S," which I assume stands for "saboteur," which is probably unnecessary, since nobody else in the house is allowed paper or writing materials (which is why Rachel had to leave Brendon a message in pretzels). Kathy spots him carrying it out of the room, and says it wasn't there when she made his bed. Jeez, Kathy, why not just jump up and yell, "I'm the saboteur!" Indeed, Enzo shows it around to everyone in the house, and wonders why Kathy is suddenly making beds. And everyone else decides she's the saboteur, which also fits with her sucky performance in competition. For Enzo, the final nail in the coffin is the signature, which he seems to think stands for "Sherriff." And Ragan just sits there listening smugly, aware that he just scored his $20,000 saboteur fee. "Thank you, America," he DRs, "for believing in the evil I always knew was inside of me." It's inspirational, really.

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