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After the previouslies, we flash back all the way back to the night before Thursday's eviction, because apparently tonight is going to be all about what happened before Thursday night. Rachel goes up to see Jeff in the HoH room and confront him on Shelly's accusation of Jeff's throwing the cornhole game. Jeff isn't about to admit that to Rachel, even though he knows it's true but in the Diary Room, he acts pretty hurt that Shelly, who he's been loyal to all this time, is telling stories about him behind his back.

Then it's two hours before eviction, and Jeff is noticing Shelly's friendliness with Daniele. Shelly in turn asks what's up his ass and he grumbles about "too much back and forth." Shelly claims not to know what's going on, even though she says in the Diary Room that she knows exactly what's going on.

Then it's 90 minutes before the eviction, and Shelly calls Adam into the purple room to ask him what's going on, and accusing him of spilling the beans to Jeff. Apparently Shelly's amnesia with regard to her conversations with Rachel is still in full effect. As for Adam, he's so desperate to preserve his final-four alliance with Jeff, Jordan, and Adam that he gabbles.

At E-minus 75 minutes, Jeff is taking a crack at Adam, who immediately tells Jeff about his earlier conversation with Shelly. Shelly bursts in and gets all righteously indignant about people talking behind her back, claiming she's solidly on Jeff's side and getting in an argument with Jeff that makes no sense, talking about some secret plan to keep Daniele that Shelly now claims to be secretly working to thwart. Or something.

E-minus one hour. In front of Rachel and Jordan, Jeff gets Adam to repeat that Shelly's going to vote to keep Daniele. Again, Shelly barges in to try to defend herself, and she ends up saying that everyone has been talking about getting rid of Jeff and Jordan, all along. This is too much drama even for Rachel, who bails on the argument rather than jumping in with both feet. Who is this woman? Jeff yells at her for exploring other options, and Shelly points out that she's allowed to do that. Jeff can't argue with that, but he does anyway.

Flashback to Daniele's eviction. Shelly is pretty scared about the timing of the double-eviction announcement, Kalia says it's bittersweet to stay in the house and yet lose her best friend, and Shelly says she's burned her bridges by voting to keep Daniele. No shit.

Before Thursday's HoH competition, Jordan says she needs to win HoH to protect her and Jeff. But then Kalia does, which of course she's thrilled about, and Shelly is too, and Jordan is crushed. Adam's pissed at himself for letting his team down. "I blew it. I blew it," he DRs. Can you let down people who expect nothing of you anyway? In the purple room, we see Kalia quickly conferring with Porsche and Shelly about whom to nominate. Kalia says she promised to never nominate Jordan, so Jeff and Rachel is practically a no-brainer. Flashback to Kalia nominating them during Thursday's show. Rachel DRs about how Kalia's scared of both of them, but Rachel also vows, "there's a Veto and I'm going to win it."

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