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Contracting E.D.

So, last we saw these fools, Evil Dick had just managed to go from not-so-narrowly avoiding eviction to winning the HoH competition. It should not surprise you to note that he immediately starts acting nonspecifically threatening towards Jen and Kail. Oh, and the voice-over guy, during the previouslies, would like us to believe that Kail's alliance "betrayed" her by not voting for Dick like total morons. After some diary room shenanigans where Dustin pretends to be sad that Joe got evicted (psych! He's really not), we hear from Kail's "woman-on-the-verge" DR session during which her voice is all shrill and shaky and she's a stiff breeze away from breaking down into heaping sobs, but not quite yet. She laments that her alliance bailed on her and she ended up being the lone vote for Dick's elimination. Mike's explanation for voting for Joe tends to make sense: Joe was going to be eliminated anyway -- why ruffle feathers? After an inexplicable round of houseguests being sad that Joe is gone -- seriously, Jameka, if you're looking for a shrill, yappy, and annoying companion, get a purse dog -- Zach interviews that his "alliance of four" is weakening and probably finished. You guys, that was the worst alliance in the entire history of this show. How embarrassing! It lasted two weeks, it fell apart for no reason whatsoever, and all it accomplished was eliminating Carol.

After a flashback to the HoH competition -- nice to see someone win the competition on purpose this time -- Dick and his gross yellow teeth interview about how awesome it is to be in a position of power. What, instead of being at the whims of Jen the Uni-Tard? I'd imagine so. Both Jen and Kail assume that they'll be put up for eviction. Kail corners Mike in the circular bed room and starts to unspool, asking him why he didn't vote for Dick. Mike answer is some variation of "A-buuuuuhhh..." Not the sharpest knife, that one, but his point remains a good one: it was kind of obvious the way the winds were blowing. It sounds like everyone expected to do the smart thing and vote for Joe, but Kail...didn't. Kail hyperventilates in the DR about how "these men" she's aligned herself with are "cowards."

Dick's HoH room revelation is mostly unremarkable. Blah, blah, photos. There's one pic of Dick and Daniele where they both look all fresh-faced and youthful (as fresh-faced as Dick's ever looked, anyway). This all makes Amber cry, of course.

Dick's Mrs. Robinson Interrogation: Kail tells him all about her alliance and how they left her hung out to dry. Dick's only really interested in making Kail feel like a moron for choosing a stupid alliance. Kail tries to sell herself as too weak a player to bother targeting this week, but Dick DRs that his nominations of Jen and Kail are pretty much "set in stone." He says he'll entertain thoughts of nominating Mike or Zach, but you know he won't.

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