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Julie claims that the Brigade has "controlled the house for the entire game," which is a pretty generous way of saying they had a decent run of luck. I don't have anything generous to say about Julie's purple tent-dress, however.

Back in the live studio after the credits -- on Wednesday, no less -- Julie reminds us that HoH Hayden nominated Lane and Britney, and sure enough, there the two of them are in the nominee seats. After a flashback to the nomination ceremony, Hayden Diary Rooms that Britney is the target, because it's the Brigade to the end (except for when he and Enzo were thinking about booting Lane). Britney vows to play hard for the PoV and save herself, and Lane says she'd better. Because there'll be one eviction vote tonight, and it'll be cast by the one non-nominee. Just so we have a clear picture of the electoral landscape. I'm a regular Nate Silver over here.

Lane assures Hayden in the HoH room that he's not angry about the nominations, and Hayden assures him that there wasn't anything behind not nominating Enzo. Hayden says he just doesn't want to be up against Britney at the end. Lane lies that he feels the same way.

Outside, the Brigade talks about the next day, and Enzo says that he knows he'll have to win PoV tomorrow, because if Britney wins it she'll save herself and send Enzo home. Lane suddenly says he wants to take a shower, but fears leaving the two of them alone. Enzo tells him not to worry about it, so he leaves them to discuss their suspicions of Lane and Britney. Enzo hopes for a "storybook finish" for the Brigade. What kind of fucked-up shit does Enzo read to his kid at bedtime anyway?

Britney visits Hayden in the HoH room and confesses to being nervous. They both talk about how nobody will take them to the final two, and even if they do, Enzo would win a unanimous vote against anyone. In fact, Britney is planting the seed in Hayden's mind that Enzo's a threat, and that she has too many enemies on the jury to be evicted. Hayden seems receptive, but is he going to turn on the Brigade? Yeah, right.

Back to the studio, where Julie reminds us that the most important PoV competition is coming up. Britney also DRs that it's important. They come out to the backyard, and there's a way-too-large set piece for what this is. As Hayden explains, each person is given a section of wall (each out of sight of the others, of course, so they can't cheat) with a row of clues on the top and a row of clues on the bottom. The players will have to arrange "movie posters" (actually just combined memory-wall photos in a fake marquee vignette frame) with the faces of two houseguests to match the clues. The tricky part is all the posters have two sides and there's only one right way to fit them in correctly. It also looks tricky because the posters fit into long rails, which means you can't rearrange them without moving the ones on the outside. But this is probably going to be too hard for all of them anyway, so that part probably won't be an issue.

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