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Chel'd Up and Spit Out

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Chel'd Up and Spit Out

Julie is a vision in ecru this evening as she goes on at length about all the intrigue that's been going on in the house this week. I already wrote about it once, so there's nothing really new to say here other than to take up an opportunity I missed yesterday to make fun of James's baggy old-man shorts.

After the Veto ceremony, Adam goes to try to smooth things over with his replacement nominee, Sharon. It doesn't work, though, because she's already smooth as glass. Adam's grateful to her for not being mad. Honestly, Sharon couldn't have asked for something in return from Joshuah or Adam? Safety from nomination? A future vote? Speech therapy sessions, either from Josh or for Adam? Something.

Chelsia DRs about how people are jealous of her bond with James, the only person in the house she can trust. The two of them mope on a bed while Chelsia regrets not playing the game and getting in a relationship instead. Meanwhile, as penance for vetoing himself and leaving her in the lurch, her partner in that relationship climbs all over her.

Montage of Natalie annoying everyone in the house, particularly Chelsia, who fiddles with her lip-stud as Natalie goes on about stupid stuff. Chelsia claims not to have been able to stand Natalie since day one (her current level of annoyance has nothing to do with Natalie pulling the strings to get her nominated, of course), and decides to go out with a "bang." So out of nowhere, she starts smashing the Easter eggs that Natalie has been coloring and painting. At first it's just one at a time, but then she reaches into the bowl and she squishes them with her hands. She basically starts putting on a whole show, acting like a complete asshole, while Sharon lies low and Natalie retreats into the bedroom to paint her toenails and whisper affirmations to herself. Later, Adam and Ryan hang in the HoH room watching her on the monitor and declaring Chelsia's done. It's this kind of masterful analysis that has brought them this far. Even James DRs that Chelsia has turned into a "raging bitch" -- that's a direct quote -- and after he little display, he plans to vote to evict her. Charming.

DR: Natalie wants Chelsia out because of her foul mouth, and also for "vengeance for Matty." Sheila also wants Chelsia out for being a "gossip-monger." And because everyone has to take their turn being hated by Sheila for some obscure reason, and right now it's Chelsia's shift.

After the ads, Julie talks to the houseguests on the viewscreen, and attempts a joke about Adam's liking for baby food that falls flat. Maybe Julie needs to start with easier jokes, and then work up to more advanced humor like making fun of a grown man who enjoys Gerber's. She then plays them a clip from Sunday of Sheila throwing herself into Evel Dick's arms, and Sheila readily explains that now that she's lived in the house, she's attracted to Dick. Damn, man, this house does worse things to you than alcohol. I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to speculate about a phenomenon called "Big Brother goggles," so I'm just not going to.

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