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The Secret's Out -- Sort Of

In the middle of a flashback replay of Andrew's exit speech outing Kristen and Hayden's no-longer-secret showmance, Kristen Diary Rooms that this was the worst thing she could imagine. "We were so careful... it came out today, and it came out hard." The editors throw in a sound effect that's the closest possible non-verbal equivalent of "that's what she said." Hayden complains in the DR about Andrew ruining his whole game, and we see Hayden -- sitting next to Andrew during Thursday's live show -- why he would lie about that. Andrew, finished blowing up, calmly sticks to his guns. His stupid, short-sighted guns. Britney DRs that a whole argument blew up while everyone was going in for the voting, and indeed, we see that Kristen also accused Andrew of lying. But it's clear that a lot of the other houseguests were starting to give Andrew's accusations some consideration.

Post-eviction, fellow ex-nominee Kathy thanks Andrew for keeping her around for another week, while Brendon DRs that Andrew was his "third wheel" and it's now him and Rachel against the rest of the house. I'd call him a study in ambivalence if he seemed to feel anything about it at all.

After Andrew exits, leaving ten people still in the house, Matt jokingly calls Hayden a "hussy" and asks who else he's been with. "Me and Enzo cuddled," Hayden jokes back. As we'll later learn, he's kidding on the square.

So then Rachel won the HoH competition, and immediately started talking shit: "Floaters, you better grab a life vest. Kristen." I'm not sure Rachel is clear on the meaning of the word "floater," and if she is, why they're a higher priority than people who are actively coming after her. She jumps on Andrew's bandwagon and claims that she also heard Kristen and Hayden making out. The argument spills over on Brendon and Hayden, and Ragan laughs because he's been waiting a month for people to start fighting. I hear that. Lane is also enjoying the show. Kristen is accused of wanting to nominate Brendon and Rachel, and there's a clip of a moment three days previous -- although it's the first we've seen of it -- where Kristen told Rachel she didn't know what she would do. Which we already know that Rachel invariably interprets as yes, and of course she took that back to Brendon. Britney remarks in the DR about the irony of watching them go after each other in a fake boxing ring. Enzo mentally orders up some gloves, mud and Jell-O. Rachel thanks Kristen for helping her decide who to get out this week, as we saw at the end of Thursday's episode, and Kristen DRs that Rachel's been jealous of her since day one. Probably because of all the screen time Kristen gets. Brendon comforts Rachel, but Kathy mortally offends her by hugging Kristen and Hayden. Oooooh.

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