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To Backdoor or Not to Backdoor

We join this week's Head of Household competition still in progress, with Michele, Natalie, Jeff, Russell, and Kevin competing while outgoing HoH Jordan watches from the sidelines. We already saw the can-dropping challenge begin during Thursday's episode, after Lydia's eviction. The main difference now is that it's better edited so we can see what's going on. This is not to say that it's any more interesting.

Flashback to the moments after Lydia's exit, when everybody expressed their sympathies to Kevin. Except for Kevin, who apologized to Natalie for voting to keep Lydia. Jeff explains in the Diary Room that they passed up the chance to backdoor Russell, just because the numbers aren't on their side yet without him. That makes sense. Which worries me.

After the level of difficulty is raised by the extending shelf below the platform, Kevin and Jeff are in a tie for the lead. Jeff Diary-Rooms about how Russell was next to him, crashing into the railing and jinking up Jeff's aim. Jeff develops a strategy whereby he dangles the can by the tab to help it fall straighter. It does seem to extend his lead. Jordan announces that the two lowest scorers will also be Have-Nots for the week. Kevin gets a nice lucky shot when a can hangs up on his shelf, then rolls down into the tube. At this point, the game gets more complicated: Jordan announces that each player has six gold cans, and if they get one into their tubes, they get to close off someone else's tubes for sixty seconds. Kevin pulls ahead with 20 to Jeff's 15. "Stay in your home!" Jeff Happy Gilmores at one of his wayward cans. Russell uses a gold can to shut Kevin down, allowing Russell and Jeff to catch up. Kevin gets Russell back, and during Russell's time-out, Jeff takes advantage of Russell's temporary stillness to get within two cans of the goal. Kevin's up to 23 cans, and a moment later, so is Kevin. That makes it sudden death, and when Jeff gets his 24th can, he has won his first HoH competition. As the bottom-feeders in the competition, Russell and Michele are the Have-Nots for the week. That bedcube should be party central now.

Kevin and Natalie both think they're going to get nominated, as the members of the losing alliance, but Russell admits that he's worried as well, since he's "the strongest competitor in this house" and all. Jeff DRs that it might be time for him to "make an unexpected move." Actually, the only thing that Jeff could do to surprise me right now is nominate Jordan.

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