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Aaryn nominated Elissa and Helen, because she is a vengeful, gullible child whose boyfriend got voted out last week and now you're up to speed. Aaryn Diary Rooms that Elissa was her target because that's who she blames for sending David home. In turn, Elissa is the opposite of surprised at her own nomination, but thinks it was pretty vindictive to ding Helen as well. Helen DRs that Aaryn must be "threatened" by Helen's friendship with Elissa, which is giving Aaryn rather too much credit if you ask me.

After we've seen all this big talk in the DR, we head into the Have-Not room for Elissa and Helen's tearful tête-à-tête immediately after the nominations. They not only refuse to fight each other to stay, but Helen tells Elissa to use the PoV on herself (in the unlikely event Elissa wins it) and Helen will figure something else out. Elissa DRs about a bigger target hopefully presenting itself, and right on cue, Candice enters. She DRs about her (totally correct) theory of the boys' alliance using Aaryn to do its dirty work. Well, knowing is half the battle. Or maybe more than half, since nobody in this house ever knows anything.

In the storage room, Nick, Jeremy and McCrae hang out and talk about how all the chicks need to go home, and how happy they are about its inevitability. What goeth before a fall again?

Helen visits Aaryn in the HoH room to reiterate her previous offer of secretly working together so they can get rid of each other's friends when the time comes. I'm not sure why this conversation is necessary; it sounds like Aaryn has already put the plan in action. Still, Aaryn seems pretty receptive in the DR and says she looks forward to working with Helen.

Guess who's MVP? Elissa again. Yes, she's annoying... but at least she's not racist. Maybe the title should be changed to LBP or Least Bigoted Player. In either case, Elissa returns to the Have-Not room and privately breaks the news to Helen. She learned from her mistake telling McCrae last week, so this week she just wants to keep it on the DL and nominate Jeremy. Cosigned! Helen Socratically asks Elissa who the backup nominee is if Jeremy wins the Veto, and Elissa immediately names Kaitlin. Helen points out that Elissa should nominate Kaitlin to start with, both Helen and Elissa will throw the PoV, and when Kaitlin wins and Vetoes herself then Elissa can backdoor Jeremy. This is a solid plan except for how there will be three other people in the PoV competition. Helen seems to come to the same realization and decides they need to take the chance to nominate Jeremy while they can, lest someone else win the PoV and they miss their window.

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