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Monet, Monet

Julie welcomes us to the live studio audience, dressed like a navy-blue sheet in the split-second after it's been shot, and tells us that it's all about the Power of Veto yet again, now that Matt has volunteered to sit next to Monet in the nominee chair. Yes, I said volunteered.

Flashback to Rachel replacement-nominating Matt on Day 16, and Monet reacting unhappily. Rachel says it's all about getting rid of Monet (not even mentioning how it's what darling Brendon wanted her to do,) and despite being nominated, Matt has the gall to tell us that he's "sitting pretty." Afterward, he gloats to Lane that Rachel's public pawn disclaimer was his idea, and he didn't actually think she'd do it. "She's so stupid." He calls it the second week of the Brigade "running the house," which is generous, and uses the words "orchestrate" and "powerhouse alliance," which betray a serious misunderstanding of the English language.

Britney is sad about what she thinks is the impending loss of her only friend in the house. They hang out together and revert to their standard mode of sarcastic bitching. Matt comes along and joins in, just to make it look good. "We'll get 'em," Matt promises them disingenuously.

Hayden and Kristen are having their little secret showmance, which consists of the two of them making out in a dark bedroom. While Andrew pretends to be asleep in the darkness. That's not creepy at all, but again, Andrew has vital information that nobody is going to want to hear from him.

Rachel wants to make sure she's got all the votes lined up for Monet to leave, so she pretends to Kristen and Hayden that there's been talk of Kristen voting out Matt instead. Which pisses off Kristen, because she hates people talking behind her back (which must be why she never does or says anything that I can see). Later, outside, Kristen brings that up with Britney, who of course knows nothing about it because Rachel made it up. Britney calls Monet over to hear this, while Kathy ducks inside to tattle to Rachel. Kristen can't leave well enough, alone, saying that Matt doesn't deserve to go home over Monet. Fetched by Kathy, Rachel comes hurrying out saying, "There's no reason for drama," now that the drama she engineered is actually going down. Rachel makes her public case for getting rid of Monet, with Brendon now here giving her backup. Monet basically accuses Rachel of calling her a bitch, which Rachel takes exception to, because "I don't use that derogatory term, so you need to get your facts straight." Pissed off, Monet announces she's walking away, "And you're lucky." Monet sucks at walking away. And she DRs some more violent threats against Rachel. Because that's been working out so well for her.

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