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We start, naturally, with a flashback to HoH Frank's nomination of Dan and Danielle on Sunday night, and rejoin the houseguests on Day 49. Danielle's bereft, because having not watched this season at all, she thinks the only way to survive this week is for her to campaign against Dan. Who, in turn, is counting on being able to convince Ian to save him with the Power of Veto Ian got during the Pandora's Box interlude. Frank DRs that Dan's been coming after him all summer, but he hopes to take Dan out with one shot. As for Ian himself, he DRs that he's still not sure what he's going to do. At least we know the wishy-washy thing isn't an act, then.

In the backyard (which is still strewn with balls from the Pandora's Box game), Britney and Dan discuss their next move. Ideally, Britney or Shane will win the PoV competition and use it on one of the current nominees, and then Ian will use his on the other. Britney goes and explains the sitch to Ian: if she or Shane wins PoV, the Quack Pack is safe, Otherwise, "bye-bye-Dan." As we will see, Britney is underestimating Dan.

Given that Ian is ineligible as the current holder of a Veto already, the drawing for the PoV players is pretty much best-case for the Quack Pack. In addition to automatic players Frank, Dan, and Danielle, Shane and Britney's names are drawn, and then Dan pulls Houseguest's Choice and picks Jenn. This will prove surprisingly fortuitous. Frank says he has to pick a host as well, and names Ian, probably just so the producers can show the expectant smile getting wiped off Joe's crestfallen face. Dan DRs that the agreed-upon plan is for him to throw the PoV to Shane or Britney, but he doesn't trust either of them to save him as much as he trusts himself. And if the Quack Pack has to go down for his sake, so be it. Hell, it's called the Quack Pack.

Jenn approaches Frank to propose an alliance with him, I guess because after seven weeks in the house she finally thought of a move she could make. Frank seems to appreciate Jenn's offer of not making him swing out there by himself, but on the other hand, what does she have to contribute other than dead weight? There's going to have to be some kind of highly unlikely turn of events if this development is going to have any effect on the game at all.

The backyard is made up like a cheesy art gallery, in keeping with the PoV competition's theme. Which appears to be Draw Something, which is of course THE hottest online game of six months ago. Can't wait until next year's SongPop-themed challenge.

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