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Julie looks almost sane in a light-gray disco suit as she brings us up to speed: Lawon volunteered to be evicted, thinking the twist would bring him back with special powers. "But what he doesn't know," Julie adds dramatically, "is that there is no special power." Then she turns to the chuckling audience and says, "I know." Was that an actual spontaneous moment? I doubt it. She reminds us that the twist is that one previously evicted houseguest will battle tonight's evictee to get back into the house, and although she leaves out the fact that Lawon never wins anything, she kind of doesn't have to.

Post-veto meeting flashback, Rachel celebrates the chance to stay in the game, and Lawon gloats that he's 99% sure that he'll be back with superpowers. Jeff DRs that he can't decide if Kalia's move was brilliant or stupid, but is leaning toward the latter. We'll see. Oh, we will see.

Lawon puts on a little show for the other newbies and Jordan, claiming not to have expected this at all. "I would not volunteer," Lawon volunteers, immediately pricking up Shelly's antennae. Who said he did?

Outside, Shelly goes one on one with Lawon, who's still putting on a show, but a bad one. He mentions talking about what'll happen after he walks out the door, which makes Shelly even more suspicious. Like who's going to lose to Rachel in a vote unless they want to?

Shelly heads right up to the HoH room and asks Kalia if Lawon volunteered. Kalia barely wakes up from her nap and says, "Yeah," so there's that brilliant plan in the Dumpster, now that blabbermouth Shelly knows about it.

Sure enough, she goes right to Jeff and Jordan, who suspected nothing. When Lawon comes in to pretend some more, Shelly stands there making angry clown faces. Jeff doesn't really care about Lawon's performance, since he's leaving anyway.

As far as we know, Rachel still doesn't know anything about this, so she goes to Kalia and Daniele (whose hair is a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse right now) to make a deal for their votes. Kalia thinks Porsche and Shelly will vote the way she tells them to, and that she'll be able to break a tie if there is one. She and Daniele just want to make sure the deal is kept quiet. Looks like there might be a deal, even as Rachel DRs, "If these two girls are actually stupid enough to keep me in the house this week, they're gonna definitely feel the wrath of Rachel." And Daniele still hates Rachel. So this is an uneasy truce at best.

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