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Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

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Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

Even though it's no longer "couples" Big Brother, they haven't bothered to come up with a new credits sequence aside from removing the "Till Death Do You Part" subtitle. Even the house with the beating heart is still there, for no good reason. We rehash -- and this is after the previouslies, mind you -- the fact that Ryan and Allison were evicted, but the siren went off and they couldn't get out the door. ["Oh my God, they ALWAYS do this -- they show it in the previouslies, and then they show it again at the beginning of the show. I hated that so much when I was stuck recapping this dumb pile of...I mean, 'Aren't you having fun covering Big Brother, M. Giant?'" -- Miss Alli] People DR their initial reactions to the news that they were splitting up, and Joshuah of course says that seeing Allison maybe getting to stay made him sick. Sheila and Adam separately DR that they're happy to be cut loose from each other. Matt is thrilled about being free of "Chatty Natty." Natalie is a bit less excited about this development, especially when Matt ends up sitting as far away from her as possible. After Allison's eviction, Ryan DRs that he was happy that he got to stay, but he kept his feelings inside for Allison's benefit. Sheila is, naturally, all weepy and remorseful and filled with regret. Not the most stable houseguest, that one. And Josh DRs that it was "the ultimate revenge" to see Allison evicted twice. And unanimously, no less. Now, remind me, Josh -- revenge for what, exactly?

Ryan DRs about how amazed he is to be HoH so soon after being headed out. And Matt DRs that he's looking forward to working with Ryan, and that Ryan understands Matt was only voting out Allison and not his "boy." As for Joshuah, he figures that Ryan's going to put him up out of revenge, and so does Sharon. So the couples dynamic continues to send ripples through the house, which is surprising. Normally ripples require at least a certain amount of depth.

Finally, nine minutes in, we're in something like real time. We learn that as happy as Matt is to be free of Natalie, she's still her old, clingy self, demonstrated by her hanging on him in the bedroom and whining about how much he still wants to share the bed with her. And in the DR, she insists that Matt's consistent pattern of pushing her away and just his way of -- wait for it -- teasing her. Because saying "Natalie, get off me immediately" (a direct quote, by the way) is the same as dipping a girl's pigtails in the inkwell, in Natalie's world. And the editors zoom in on her crazy, frozen grin, complete with Psycho music. This does not bode well for Matty.

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