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Julie welcomes us to the live season finale, and we get the extended previouslies sequence in which Dan's blindsides of Britney, Frank, and Shane (and by extension Shane's showmance Danielle) take pride of place with some of the season's goofier, more romantic, sadder, and angrier moments, all of which are pretty much equally goofy.

Back in the studio, Julie reminds us that it's down to the final three of Danielle, Dan, and Ian, who are currently seen waiting in the living room in their Sunday best. Julie tells us how the evening is going to go, but since we're about to see it happen, I think we can pass on those details. Instead, let's flash back to what we saw on Sunday: the beginning of the first part of the three-part final Head of Household competition, in which the final three were dunked, rained on, and banged against a padded wall while sitting on giant fishhooks.

Danielle Diary Rooms that she no longer trusts Dan after being lied to by him yet again, and is determined to win for herself. And Dan DRs that he made a deal with Ian before evicting Shane: in exchange for getting to stay for the final three, Ian had to agree to drop out of the first round of the final HoH. Ian readily agreed. And then, after Shane was evicted and Danielle was still pissed, Dan went to Danielle and told her about this deal with Ian to prove how he had it all planned to get them to the end. And he thinks that's going to convince Danielle to trust him enough to drop out as well and let Dan win. I think he might be out of chips there.

Seventeen minutes in, Ian drops off his fishhook as fakely as possible, but it's still enough to convince Danielle, as Dan keeps shooting her "Told you so" looks. But is Danielle convinced? Dan asks Ian to head inside for four minutes so he can talk to Danielle. Whereupon he tells her that the only way for it to be him against her in the third round is for her to drop out now. Dan seems convinced that he can win the third round, but not the second one. "Do you trust me or not?" Dan asks her. Wrong thing to ask. But he reminds her that Ian dropped out, just like Dan said he would. So sure, in that case, Dan is totally trustworthy. But Danielle only hangs on a little while longer and then climbs off her hook while it's in the pool. However, she DRs that it's not because she trusts him, but because she wants Dan to think she trusts him. These two are a mess. "You really fought hard," he tells her afterward. See? He's still lying!

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