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Racism Will Get You Nowhere

Looks like they've redesigned the audience space, possibly to amplify their cheering and hooting, because no way are that few people making that much noise. Dressed as a tangerine, Julie reminds us that Chima and Braden are tonight's nominees. One of them will go home tonight. But first!

After a flashback to the Veto meeting, Ronnie congratulates himself in the DR for not being nominated. Braden, unsurprisingly, doesn't get what's going on. Until he sees Lydia hugging Russell for about nine minutes, and he suspects she pulled something. Jeff sees Braden's nomination as an attack on him, since he's safe as a clique-mate of the Head of House.

In the "splish-splash" room, Braden pretends to be taking it well for the benefit of Ronnie, Jordan and Laura. But it's Jordan who's most worried about losing her clique-mate. "Me and Laura without him are going to be a hot mess," she Diary-Rooms. I don't think she necessarily needs to use the future tense. Laura and Ronnie leave the room, and Braden deploys the famous "jus' jellus" defense mechanism. Chima's plan, meanwhile, is complacency.

Outside, Lydia points out to Casey the difference between Jordan's reactions to her nomination and Braden's.

In the kitchen, Russell is having one-on-one time with Braden, trying to figure out who tipped him off that this was coming, but Braden is too busy badmouthing Lydia for the betrayal he only suspects her of for now. Russell sees an opportunity to "poke" Braden by tattling on Lydia, with the goal of provoking him into self-destruction. And indeed, it looks like the fuse is lit. And you can tell Russell knows it, because he's gone very still. Russell is never still. Perhaps I've underestimated him, but it's only because he overestimates himself.

In the back yard, Kevin and Lydia crouch in a shrinking patch of shade when Braden comes to call her out. Lydia denies pointing the finger at Braden, unaware that the editors are ready with a flashback proving that she did. It starts out pretty passive-aggressive, and then gets just aggressive, with Braden using some pretty sexist insults that I don't even direct at Ann Coulter. Kevin jumps to her defense, and in the ensuing explosion, the racial slurs I understand Braden threw out during this argument are completely edited out. Although Jeff, a bystander in all this (actually a byfloater, because he's in the pool), says, "Let's not be derogatory." Which is interesting, because the homophobic slurs I understand he threw out during his argument with Russell were also edited out the other night. Thanks CBS, for giving us another houseful of bigots and then trying to hide it from us.

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