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Airing of Grievances

We join the laundry-themed HoH still in progress from Thursday night, with houseguests racing back and forth across a wet, soapy Slip 'n Slide to fill large bowls with liquid soap a half-cup at a time. Of course there are lots of cuts back and forth between this and people Diary-Rooming about how and why they need to win. Rachel brays that she's back, now that Brendon came back for a week, and isn't going to completely fall apart like she did after his first eviction. I'll believe it when I see it. Daniele also mentions that Brendon's been evicted three times in a year, which she and I both find hilarious.

After Brendon's exit, Rachel snots at Daniele about the cheers Brendon got from the love audience, like Daniele cares.

Back to the HoH competition. People are wiping out and dropping their liquid. Not a euphemism. The rain and the foam keep pouring down, and at one point Jordan actually disappears completely when she falls. Shelly pauses to help fish her out, because it's not like Shelly's going to win anyway. From the sidelines, Daniele is trying to push Kalia to move faster, which only annoys Kalia. Later, Jeff has a lead, with Porsche and Rachel in a near-tie for second. The houseguests start complaining about bubbles in their eyes, and Adam suddenly takes a gainer so hard that it almost looks like something might come of it, but he's fine. More yammering form everyone about how they need to win, all the way into the ads. This is keeping me on the edge of my seat. The back edge, but still.

Back from the commercials, the competition has been going for more than an hour and twenty minutes, and Jeff's lead is widening. Rachel suddenly decides to start cheering Jeff on to show she's on his side. Canny. Finally, Jeff wins it after an hour and a half. Daniele wades out onto the Slip 'n Slide to give Jeff his key, and Jeff and Jordan are both pretty happy about his win. Porsche's worried about what will happen to her and Kalia and Daniele, while Rachel DRs, "Come on, girls, at least when you win, I pretend like I'm happy!" Liar. Rachel acts like they're the sore losers who caught an undeserved bad break. See, Rachel, that's what you look like from the outside.

Daniele congratulates Jeff after the HoH competition, but Jeff DRs that he hasn't ruled out getting rid of her, regardless of what they may or may not have discussed last week when Daniele was HoH. Porsche is more bitter about losing than she ever has been before. Meanwhile, Rachel talks to Jordan about how she misses Brendon, but it's not as bad this time because he's in the Jury House, and will be "deciding" who wins. Rachel DRs like she's mending fences with Jeff and Jordan, but it just sounds like she was trying to intimidate them. Even her friendliness comes off as assholery.

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