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Sixteen Is a Crowd and Then Some

Are there still seriously sixteen people in this house? Isn't that about ten too many?

We're reminded of how there will be three nominees each week -- two regular HoH nominees and one nominee named by the MVP, who doesn't have to reveal him or herself to anyone. This reminder takes the form of a flashback from Wednesday night of Julie claiming to the houseguests that MVP will be determined based on America's votes for "who is playing the best game," but Aaryn DRs that she figures she'll get it more than once, because she's already figured out that America's more likely to vote based on the hottest headshots and nobody's going to stop them.

In the living room after Julie's announcement, Jessie blares how this presents a bigger challenge for the HoH (McCrae this first week) than for anyone else. In fact, McCrae seems to agree. Andy DRs how the new MVP thing makes the game so much harder, because in the old days you could just suck up to the Head of Household, "And now you have to suck up to everybody!" Nightmare. How are these people supposed to get through the week without knowing to whom they can openly be jerks?

Jeremy and Judd lounge in what used to be the arcade room and speculate on how the girls are going to end up as MVPs, namely Kaitlin and Aaryn and GinaMarie and Jessie for being cute. So Jeremy DRs that he's got no strategic choice but to have a "snuggle-session" with every attractive lady in the house. Do what you need to do, champ. Or what they'll let you, as the case may be.

In the bathroom, Aaryn, Jessie, and Kaitlin are doing their makeup when Nick wanders past, lingering just long enough to make his inoffensive presence known but not enough to be creepy. After he's gone, they talk about Nick and the other guys and Kaitlin says they need to establish code names. For instance, idiot lifeguard David is "Ken," Nick is dubbed "Manhattan" and then "Big," and Jeremy is "The Sailor." Nobody will ever be able to crack any of these, I'm sure.

McCrae makes the first ceremonial invitation for everyone to see his HoH room. Someone remarks on the music cue that's probably playing at this point, which doesn't stop the editors from playing it. The HoH room has been redecorated in a cityscape theme, but McCrae promises everyone that he won't get "HoH-itis." They'll believe it when they see it. That segues into some serious mocking of former HoH Rachel and the famous "Floaters, better get a life vest " comment she made after a key HoH win a few years ago. Of course, few of them are aware that Rachel's sister is there in the room with them. "It's pretty weird," Elissa DRs. She knows that if people figures out she's Rachel's sister it'll make her a target. Which is a stupid reason to target her, so she's probably right.

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