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Elissa's (Belated, Confused) Revenge

Later, McCrae goes up to the HoH room to start gaming out scenarios for Elissa, in the presence of Andy, Amanda, Judd, and Spencer. Which, as it turns out, involves reminding Elissa of some of the rules of the game where the Power of Veto is concerned. All Elissa cares about is her target going home, and to hell with everyone else, and that's pretty much what she tells them. Amanda and McCrae try to convince her that they're on her side and that there's no percentage in risking one of them, but of course Elissa DRs that her alternate target is Amanda anyway. Amanda starts getting weepy and frustrated, which is always a good sign, but Elissa isn't budging.

This week's Sunday filler segment is Aaryn accidentally picking up a bottle of Elissa's nail polish remover and taking a swig from it instead of from her water bottle. So clearly these people are losing their minds.

Judd visits Elissa in the HoH room, and she tells him that Aaryn and then Amanda have to go. Judd agrees, saying he trusts her more than anyone. So the two people with no allies have just made an alliance.

Then it's time for Aaryn's visit to Elissa. Aaryn figures that she's Elissa's target. "Well, one of them," Elissa shrugs. Aaryn warns that Amanda and McCrae will continue to run the house if they stay together, and Aaryn tearfully offers Elissa whatever she wants if she gets to stay. Elissa accuses Aaryn of lying to her and screwing her over every time she's come to her. Which happened, what, once? Aaryn begs that she wants to be here so bad. "You want to be here so bad to play the game for Amanda?" Elissa asks. Who Aaryn just threw under the proverbial bus, Elissa, do try to keep up. Aaryn says she would keep Elissa safe for as long as she could. Elissa just looks at Aaryn like she's on a microscope slide, and one that hasn't won four times as many HoH competitions as Elissa has. But she admits in the DR that she's actually giving it some thought.

On nomination day, Aaryn DRs that she's pretty sure she's the primary target. Andy is still worried about Elissa's threat that she'd nominate him for voting Helen out, clearly unaware that Elissa has moved on. McCrae DRs that this is the first time he's felt any danger in the game, and Amanda is feeling pretty defeated. "This is Elissa's world, and we're all just living in it." Spoken like someone who's used to things being the other way around. Elissa VOs that she's focused on big targets, and they'll be after her, "But that's nothing new."

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