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Elissa's (Belated, Confused) Revenge

After the competition, Elissa asks why Judd was mad at her on the night of his eviction. You may remember that Judd rejected her hug when he left. He now explains that he was mad at Helen and assumed Elissa was in on it. But Judd maintains that he's starting over, with no alliances. Probably the smartest thing he can do. Which is a low bar with Judd, but still.

Andy, GinaMarie and Aaryn speculate on what Elissa's next move will be. Aaryn thinks it's going to be her and GinaMarie, and is all weepy in the DR about her hard work potentially going for nothing. I know, sweetie, it must be exhausting not being a total asshole all the time.

Amanda is smart enough to realize she's got to approach Elissa and figure out how to control her to make sure neither that neither McCrae nor Amanda herself gets nominated. Elissa tells Amanda that she wants Aaryn to go home. "But that does not mean I have any desire to work with Amanda," Elissa DRs. And to make that clear to Amanda, she says she might nominate Spencer or Amanda herself against Aaryn. Amanda warns that she won't beat Aaryn at the PoV competition. "McCrae would," Elissa points out, uncovering all her bases. Obviously Amanda doesn't want that either, but Elissa doesn't really give a shit. In fact, she says in the DR that she sees a chance to bust up the 3AM alliance, which must not be as secret as it thinks.

Amanda reports to McCrae that Elissa is not on board. "This girl's crazy-uuhh!" she whines in the DR. McCrae agrees to work on Elissa with Andy, because Amanda has finally realized that pushing people too hard can be counterproductive. Or at least she's realized it for now.

Time for Elissa's HoH party. Amanda tries to hearken back to the days of Britney hating Rachel in the DR, but it's pretty weak sauce. So is Elissa's HoH basket, which is full of healthy snacks and a yoga mat. She also gets a letter from Rachel, which Elissa reads out loud. In case you were curious, Rachel's words in Elissa's voice is like a black hole of annoyance.

Amanda's deciding to throw herself another pity party because she's feeling out of control and defeated. In other words, it's been hours since an HoH kowtowed to her. McCrae comes and finds her in bed and tells her she can't control everything. Still, Amanda is insisting that if Elissa really wants to be rid of Aaryn, then GinaMarie is the only logical other nominee. Unless, as she concludes, "We're her second choice." Which of course they are, even if McCrae doesn't believe it. Amanda says the one thing they have to avoid is getting nominated together. Which means it'll totally happen somehow.

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