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Elissa's (Belated, Confused) Revenge

So now it's Helen, Candice, and Judd against Elissa, GinaMarie, and Amanda. Elissa's still in the lead. Forty-nine minutes in, Helen DRs that it's the hardest competition ever, but she's staying on for as long as it takes. And then she promptly falls off. That's a relief to Andy and a big letdown for Elissa. GinaMarie and Aaryn both DR about how they don't want Candice back, but Aaryn doesn't want Judd either.

It's still going on an hour and thirteen minutes later, when Judd takes a ball to the clavicle and Candice finally falls off. So Judd's back in the game, which I'm actually okay with. I mean, yes, he weirds me out, but his eviction happened for the worst and most inaccurate reasons of all the jurors. And he's still in the competition for HoH, against Amanda, Elissa, and GinaMarie. Aaryn is practically hyperventilating on the bench, knowing Judd is going to come after her. Amanda feels the same way. But Judd says he wants to start over with a clean slate, and then Amanda gets a ball in the tit.

As the competition wears on, Elissa has seven balls, Judd five, and Amanda four, while GinaMarie is wearing out her calves for nothing, given the three balls she's managed to catch. Elissa tries to catch a ball and slips down on her ass, but she manages to stay on the platform and recover. Again, the yoga comes in handy. And Judd keeps saying he isn't mad at anyone, which is probably good because he falls off next. He's still in the house, but worried about Amanda still being up there.

While the platforms are thrusting in and out of the wall, Amanda loses her balance. But she manages to hold on to the ball-container mounted on the wall next to her, and as she swings around, she kicks her left foot against the wall and manages to swing back up onto the platform. Now that was impressive. She wants this one bad. And obviously her allies in 3AM (McCrae, Andy, and Aaryn) want it for her.

Elissa falls next, but she also hangs onto her ball container and recovers, even though both her feet left the platform. "That was bad-ass," Spencer calls out. "That was like Batman." Actually, what surprised me most is that those ball-holders are anchored onto the wall strongly enough to hold up a human being. Elissa's only got two balls to go, too.

After an hour and 34 minutes, Elissa catches her ninth ball, while Amanda only has six and GinaMarie is still at three. And then Elissa catches her tenth ball, so she's HoH for the week, just like she wanted. And for the first time ever. Between this and the PoV competition last week, I'm starting to think that she's been coasting up until she and Helen were actually in danger. Judd's the first one to get a hug from her, so it looks like he's in good shape. Amanda DRs that Elissa is not going to be the docile little pet she's used to having in the HoH room, and Aaryn is actually feeling sick. As for Elissa, she DRs that while she threatened Andy with eviction if he voted Helen out, she has now realized that there are bigger targets. And I'm sure Helen will be happy to see them too.

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