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Elissa's (Belated, Confused) Revenge

We're rejoining the HoH-slash-Juror-Reentry contest already in progress. Candice, Jessie, Judd, and Helen are standing on narrow, moving platforms up against a wall, trying to catch balls being launched at them at odd intervals. We're also getting some reactions in the Diary Room, spoken as though they're happening in real time even though we all know perfectly well that they couldn't have been recorded until after everyone knew the outcome. But then what else is new. Amanda is pretty bitter, saying, "You're evicted for a reason." That reason being, in most cases, Amanda.

We flash back to Helen's eviction on Thursday night, including Amanda's unrepentant post-mortem in the DR. Also, Spencer compares himself to Houdini, who also escaped eviction from the Big Brother house six times. Andy's a wreck, as usual, and he and the editors remind us that this is pretty much a weekly occurrence for him.

Back during the competition, Judd asks Helen who she was up against, and upon hearing that it was Spencer, he says he feels bad for how he's always on the block. Helen agrees, adding that Spencer could win at this rate. So look who's already playing the game again, trying to make someone else a target.

More balls get fired, and we're up to the point we left off on Thursday, with Jessie in the lead. The platforms have been moving this whole time, but suddenly they shrink almost entirely into the wall, causing Spencer and McCrae to fall off pretty much simultaneously, twenty minutes in. The two guys with the biggest feet, probably. McCrae knows Amanda's going to be pissed off about that, which of course she is. Amanda catches her first ball shortly thereafter, now that she knows she might actually have to win her first competition of the summer. More balls keep coming, the platforms keep moving, and soon Jessie and Elissa are tied for the lead, with three balls each. And then some sports mascots randomly come out to dance around and distract everyone for a few minutes. During which time Elissa catches her fourth ball. So that didn't work on her.

Thirty-eight minutes in, there are still four jurors and five houseguests on the wall. Helen has started giving the other jurors some updates in case one of them goes back instead of her. Some of that news includes the fact that Andy can't be trusted. Some more balls are caught, and the platforms get tiny again, and Andy goes down. That means Judd's the only guy left on the wall, but he probably wants it the most. It also means that it's up to Amanda to represent for 3AM. Elissa's in the lead with five balls, while Amanda and Jessie have four balls each. But then Jessie falls off, so she's done. "Fuck off, Amanda, I hate you," is her exit line. Amanda's all, "What did I do?" Jessie DRs that she wanted to show that she wasn't afraid of Amanda. Yes, on her way out, after Amanda can't do anything to her.

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