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Lane nominated Ragan and Enzo, which doesn't bother Hayden any -- in the DR, he just figures he'll be in the final four when Ragan goes, exactly as planned. I'm sure his ally Enzo would find his concern touching. Lane agrees that Ragan will beat him if he sticks around, and it's just Enzo's turn to be the pawn. Again. Enzo, still in his penguin suit in the Diary Room, complains that maybe Lane's in a secret alliance with Britney. Well, if he is, it's not that secret, and if it were, Enzo's not really in a position to get all judgy about secret alliances, is he? Ragan has correctly concluded that he's the target, being all alone in the house. Enzo talks to him about it, wearing his sunglasses while commiserating about their respective nominations. Ragan DRs that at least he knows that Enzo's the low man on the totem pole in the other alliance that he's not supposed to know about and has for some reason been continuing to keep to himself. Points to him for not abandoning his theory of the alliance of dudes, at least.

Time for Enzo to "shun" the penguin suit, which he does with full ceremony in the backyard in front of everyone, which is the most non-competition excitement they've had in months. Hayden DRs how Enzo beat the curse of being on the block with a costume. I'm sure Enzo would throw the costume in the pool or even torch it if Big Brother didn't want it back, to inflict on someone else for some more non-comedy next year.

Ragan "studies" the memory wall, presumably to do well in one of those distorted-face challenges that always seem to come up in this time of the season. "Studying" includes commenting to himself on Kathy's tarantula eyes, Kristen's chipmunk cheeks, and Andrew's beady eyes. He feels like he has to win by himself, and has even begun pumping iron. Getting ready for anything, clearly, but if his goal is to outweigh Lane, Hayden, or Enzo, he probably should have started earlier. Like in 2003.

PoV competition, and with only five people left there's of course no nonsense with selecting the players. They go outside to find a ramp, several mudpits, and a giant singing clam named Otev. There are also CDs scattered around the yard with handwritten labels on them. Otev -- who was voiced by Casey last year, if memory serves -- will sing a song about two houseguests, and then they'll have to find CDs with the names of those two houseguests combined, and then deliver them up the slippery ramp to Otev. Anyone who brings the wrong CD or gets back last is eliminated in that round. Ragan's motivated to win to save himself, and so is Britney, because she knows she's likely to be a replacement nominee. And Enzo's driven to win too, because there's a first time for everything.

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