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It's day 13, and Ronnie has just named Laura and Jeff for the second round of nominations: Two weeks in, and there are still twelve people in there. I don't think we're all gong to make it. The nominees Diary-Room separately that Ronnie has now exposed himself as the rat, although Ronnie is still claiming that he's planning to backdoor Russell. Which is not ratlike at all.

In the Have-Not bedcube that is the "Popular" clique's home for the week, Laura and Jordan talk about this new development, and cry. Well, mostly cry. Jordan in particular is taking this very personally. Why does this keep happening to her?

The other nominee, Jeff, is talking to Lydia when Ronnie comes in and hugs him. Lydia makes herself scarce. As Jeff trims his own hair at the sink, Ronnie assures him he has a plan. Jeff doesn't want to hear it, because nothing he's heard has been true anyway. Ronnie agrees, probably to give Jeff plausible deniability.

Ronnie then comes out to the backyard give similar assurances to Laura, in front of Casey, claiming he doesn't actually want either of his nominees to go home. Laura pretends to believe him, but when he leaves, Laura tells Casey and Jordan that she knows exactly what he's up to: covering his ass in case she wins the Power of Veto. She really is smarter than she looks, even if she is wrong about Ronnie right now.

Russell has decided to be less insular with his own clique, and tries to make friends with the other side of the house to try to gain their trust. He pretends that he's just there because he's tired of playing the game and wants to kick back with some fresh folks, and Casey, Jordan, Jeff and Laura seem to buy it. But then, when he goes inside and sees Natalie and Michele talking teammates and loyalty, he asks if they're still talking about the game. From elsewhere in the house, Lydia kind of snippily calls out that she (and Kevin and Chima and Jessie) are talking about something in her life. Russell screams at her for thinking he was addressing her, shocking everyone in earshot (in other words, everyone). Lydia gets up, but to cry in the hallway and the Diary Room instead of to confront Russell. Five points to Russell for the idea of expanding his appeal within the house. Negative twelvety-hundred and infinity points on the execution.

Exhibit A is Natalie going to Jessie, expressing her concern about who Russell's going to blow up at next, and suggesting he needs to be backdoored. Has she been talking to Ronnie?

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