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We're joining the endurance-based Head of Household competition, with nine of the remaining houseguests (all save outgoing HoH Rachel) up on a wall, standing on ski-resembling platforms that swing from side to side. Daniele DRs that she has to win, because everyone's after her except Kalia. Kalia says roughly the same thing, but with the names reversed. Jeff and Shelly also talk about being motivated to win, and Rachel DRs about how vital it is that "we" win this HoH so "we" can continue running the place, even though she's not allowed to compete this time. Flashback to Dominic's exit, which Adam doesn't seem to feel too bad about, Rachel feels great about, and Daniele blames herself for, saying she "outplayed" herself. Like that's hard.

Kalia explains that voting Dominic out was necessary, because she can't have people hating her more than they already do. I'm sure her lack of sympathy vote will patch things right up with everyone else. Jeff DRs that as much as he likes Dominic, "He had to go" for plotting against Jeff.

Back to the competition. Rachel DRs that it's frustrating not to be able to compete in this one and rely on other people. Which is code for "Brendon sucks." Adam, the physically largest competitor, is clearly looking tired already, and he jumps down with only nine minutes and ten seconds elapsed. Now he has to pick one of those five snowballs, and he opens it to reveal that he's going to be wearing an elf suit for a week. He DRs loudly about how little sense it makes to be a Jewish elf. Sorry, dude, Big Brother probably didn't have a golem costume

Lawon, with his boasts about being here to play, proves to be all talk as he falls with 19:15 down on the clock. He takes a while getting up, and then his snowball makes him a Have Not for the week. At least this way he can get some airtime. Speaking of which, Porsche is glad to be back in the game. Brendon talks about not wanting to disappoint Rachel, but he jumps off after 35:20, much to Daniele's shock. Rachel pretends to be supportive, even as she disses him in the DR. She tells him to go get the $10,000 snowball, but he ends up as another Have-Not for the week. Total airball for Brendon.

With six players still in it, the wind, fake snow, and wall-tilting gets jacked up. Jeff, the last male player still up there, is not only increasingly exhausted, he decides to take a crack at the snowball with $10,000 in it. He jumps off at 51:20. Sure enough, he wins the cash prize. "Maybe a one-way ticket home" he adds. If there were such a thing with this show.

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