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At Sevens and Eights

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At Sevens and Eights

We start with a recap of the moments following the announcement of Chelsia's eviction. In response to Chelsia's bitchy advice to "educate yourself," Natalie DRs that she's got three years of college, and plays dumb really well. Indeed, she had me fooled. Sheila complains about Chelsia's immaturity. And thanks to the editors and sound engineers, we get to hear a bit more clearly what Chelsia whispered in Joshuah's ear when she hugged him goodbye. Just like she told Julie, it was advice to Joshuah not to psych himself out before competitions. Joshuah DRs that he feels like he's lost his sister in the house, which I'm sure Sharon would be grateful to hear. She's probably the only one who doesn't know she's Joshuah's therapist in the house. And James says he's now in the game alone. Oh, boo hoo. Tell it to the person who used the Veto to leave Chelsia on the block. As for Chelsia's instructions to Adam to "get a backbone," Adam DRs that he's got enough backbone to have gotten Chelsia out of the house. Advantage: A-Baller.

Josh DRs that his alliance with Sharon and James must now win HoH. The black-and-white flashback of the HoH contest includes colorized gloves, which doesn't make it any more interesting. Oh, and it looks like we (and by "we," I mean "Americans who voted on," which is not technically "we" because it certainly doesn't "me" and probably not "you") offended Joshuah by thinking that Natalie could deliver a more inspirational speech than he could.

And after Natalie's HoH win, James DRs that he's going to have to figure out a new way of playing the game. What's wrong with the way he's been playing it? Winning PoV every week makes him pretty tough to boot. Joshuah, wearing a "TV Makes You Smarter" T-shirt, feels his defeat by Natalie in a mental competition like a knife in his heart. Maybe the knife should be in his brain in this metaphor.

Later, Ryan and Adam congratulate Natalie on winning a mental competition. "How did you win?" Ryan asks. "You're such an idiot!" Meanwhile, Josh and James figure that one of the two of them will be gone next week. And they listen unhappily to the God-bothering gloating from the next room, as Natalie goes on about asking the Almighty for signs and guidance and all of the other kinds of things that God has nothing but time for, especially where reality show contestants are concerned. In light of the obvious divine assist, Ryan and Natalie and Adam decide that their alliance will now be named "Team Christ." Which is a great name, as long as I can put an "Oh" in the middle of it. This is still going on later, as Natalie blathers about the signs from God, as well as all manner of bullshit around the number seven. Because God's into numerology, apparently.

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