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After a quick rehash of Thursday's eviction of Renny, the remaining four houseguests give their reactions. Keesha's sad, Jerry says the only way his Head of Household term succeeded was that it kept him around for another week (which means "success" is a matter of perspective), and Memphis says that his to-do list for the week was completed when Renny left. Dan strategizes that Renny was too likable for anybody to risk facing the jury house alongside her. Keesha says that Renny's picture never should have gone monochrome, because she's just that colorful. Well, if that were true, the producers would have tried and failed, wouldn't they?

And then Dan won the HoH competition for the week. Dan is happy to have the key that he says represents his one-in-three chance of winning half a million, which I suspect would only be true if the winner were selected at random. Memphis is glad things are still going well for the Renegades. "If Dan puts me on the block again, I'm gonna hurt him," he adds. Keesha is a little worried about herself given the closeness she sees between Dan and Memphis, and Jerry says that with the rest of the house against him, he needs to work on breaking up the other three.

And then they all go inside to find that sumo wrestler parked on a small bench in the middle of their sofa sectionals. After sitting expressionlessly through their initial reaction of confusion, he recites his Japanese phrase ("I am sitting on the information you need"), and everyone stands around wondering what's next. He stands briefly, and everyone's too intimidated by this apparent threat to notice the black envelope he's been sitting on before he plants his ass back down on it. The next time he stands, he does that side-stomping thing a couple of times before sitting down. After a few more cycles of this, with the guest remaining standing longer each time, Dan is the first to notice the envelope. He waits for the right moment to snatch it, and does so successfully without losing a hand, or worse. He opens it up and reads a message to the effect that a luxury competition is coming up that could affect the game. The visitor bows, picks up his bench, and carries it out through the door to the Diary Room, leaving the rest of them to speculate baselessly on what it all means.

Dan and Memphis and Keesha hang out in the bedroom, talking about what it's going to take to get rid of Jerry. Well, Jerry not winning PoV this week would be a good start. Mainly, Keesha is worried about Memphis and Dan taking her to the final three. She ends up out on the porch alone, missing Renny and feeling isolated. Well, that's one thing she and Jerry have in common, although at least he's not crying about it.

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