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An Offer They Should Have Refused

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Wrong Moves, Right Reasons

"Speculation, paranoia and confusion have ruled the Big Brother house this week," Julie tells us from the studio. For once, that's exactly what the producers intended.

After the previouslies and the credits, Julie's back in the studio, with a cantilevered hairdo that looks like an alien laid its eggs in it. Surprisingly, she reveals the results of America's MVP vote for the third nominee, which was Aaryn. Overwhelmingly, in fact. But since Aaryn had already been nominated by Judd (along with Kaitlin), Elissa became the second choice. And then when she won PoV and saved herself, GinaMarie became the third third nominee. Great twist, Big Brother.

Back in the house, GinaMarie is in the Diary Room saying she has no idea who the MVP is. Kaitlin DRs that she has assurances that she's only the pawn, and thus is afraid that if she campaigns for herself she'll just look paranoid. Aaryn figures she'll have to "pull out some magic tricks and make deals." Which turns out to consist of going to Judd and bitching to him and Jessie about how negative GinaMarie is. Magic! This is all far too confusing for Judd, who is starting to consider sending home Kaitlin instead. I don't know either; I've given up trying to figure out what's going on in Judd's head. It's like trying to follow a cricket match by listening to the commentary in Morse code. Judd and Aaryn agree to steer clear of each other so as to avoid arousing suspicion, which of course is when Helen sticks her head in. Aaryn scampers out of there, claiming they were just talking about "random stuff." Which is both a transparent lie and completely true, simply because any conversation with Judd will by definition be studded with great glistening chunks of randomness. Helen makes herself comfortable, followed by Elissa with a plate of food for herself, because they want Judd to tell them who he wants out. I think Judd wants to know that too. He airs his thoughts, such as they are, that Aaryn remains vulnerable but Kaitlin is more dangerous. Elissa wants Aaryn out for her own reasons, despite the fact that no one believes anything Aaryn says about her. Or indeed anything else. Even Jessie points out that Aaryn's not a threat to anyone, and Jessie is barely smarter than Judd is.

Judd finds Howard and Candice in the room that used to be his place of solitary confinement, which he swore never to enter again. Judd makes the case to for keeping Aaryn because everyone hates her anyway. No one more than these two, obviously. Howard's torn between booting his new ally Kaitlin, and getting rid of someone he can't stand. Not sure why that's such a tough decision.

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