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Unlocking the Locked-Door Mystery

HoH Judd nominated Kaitlin and Aaryn this week, figuring it was the safest move. And it would be, were there not an Amanda in the house with a giant hard-on to get rid of Howard, who, in the Diary Room, can't help observing that all the other strong males are leaving and he doesn't want to be next. Aaryn thinks that when Judd called her a Texas tornado and he didn't want to twist his words that he was accusing her of twisting his words, which ironically, is not what he actually said, so now she is twisting his words. Although it may well be what he meant, because it didn't make much sense either way.

Aaryn asks for an audience with Judd in the HoH room, lying that she's not mad. He lies right back to her that she's going to be fine, telling her not to cry and assuring her that "We're gonna win the Veto." Basically he just doesn't want her to be mad at him next week, but he advises her to act mad at him for the benefit of everyone elseā€¦ when it's actually for the benefit of Judd.

Kaitlin frets about her nomination to Amanda, who assures her that she isn't the target, even if Aaryn wins the Veto. Aaryn herself joins them -- and McCrae, of course, because Amanda's in the room -- and Amanda gives her assurances as well, because it's Amanda's world and Howard needs to stop living in it.

Elissa has become so accustomed to being named MVP at about this time every week that, since it hasn't happened yet, she's starting to stress out. To the point that other people are starting to notice. She admits to Judd and Amanda that she hasn't won MVP and to the Diary Room that she suspects her consistent appointment as MVP -- and other people's willingness to use it -- is the only reason she's still in the house. Amanda goes and gets in bed with McCrae, going on about how sketchy Elissa's acting. Indeed, in the DR, she agrees with Elissa that the lack of the latter's MVP power makes her of little use. So Elissa was right. How about that?

Spencer and Howard are playing pool outside, and Spencer says that if Amanda and Elissa were gone, the house would be theirs. He's learned from the mistakes of the Moving Company, saying Jeremy was always a target and that they should go along with the house more this time so as not to give themselves away. Howard suggests recruiting Kaitlin (if she survives this week's eviction) and Judd. Basically they're talking about an "outsider's alliance" to go against Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Helen. "Me and you, we're still the Moving Company, baby," Spencer says inadvisably, and they decide to go inside and get right on it.

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