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Amber Waves Goodbye

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Amber Waves Goodbye

Jesus, the only thing worse than watching this shit live? Is watching it live starting at 1:36 AM. Boo, pre-season football. BOO.

So I have all the more incentive to skip past the endless "previously"s and Julie's inane intro and head straight for the slide guitar into the moments directly following Eric's non-use of the Veto. Amber bitterly DRs that Eric's failure to veto her nomination proves that he's only playing the game for himself, as opposed to Amber, who's apparently getting her marching orders from all her partners at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, who'll be getting all her money when she wins. I mean, I get that she's pissed that Eric didn't make a decision that ended up being in her interest, but it's not a team game. Of course he's only in it for himself! Those are the sorts of people who win! But I know you know this. Zach DRs that he hopes he's established relationships with everyone in the house, as opposed to Amber, who is regarded, he says, as a floater. She's certainly looking more and more like a piece of crap with each passing episode.

In the HoH room, Jessica's upset that she nominated two people who didn't have a problem with her, and now one of them is leaving, whereas Dick and Daniele didn't really like her or care how she did in the game. Her voice breaking, she says she feels like she's made a huge mistake. Eric comes over to sit with her in bed, and asks whether Jessica really thinks Amber likes her. I mean, we know she doesn't; she's still pissed at Eric for getting Dustin evicted, and at Jessica for being a Jew-lover. (I still don't follow the feeds, but once even the AP picks up the story, some of this stuff does finally trickle down to me.) Anyway, just as Eric is getting Jessica to admit that she neither believes that Amber likes her, nor does she like Amber herself, Amber herself shows up at the door. Eric pointedly crawls into bed beside Jessica -- making them look even more like co-Heads of Household -- as Amber says that she doesn't want to go home yet. She starts to cry, of course (and judging by how blotchy her face is, she's been doing a lot of that this week -- I mean, more even than usual), as she says that she wants a good person to win the game. This sends us to the DR as Eric complains that this is Amber's one and only argument for her own survival in the game, and that he's sick of her ass. As Amber continues yammering on, Jessica gets up and sits in the chair next to her, possibly because, as a student of semiotics, she wants to dissociate herself from Eric in this moment. Anyway, Amber lamely winds it up, and once she's gone, Jessica whines that she wants Amber to stay. Eric says that when Zach comes in and makes his plea, Jessica will change her mind, but Jessica frankly says that she's ready for him to go; however, she has a feeling it will be Amber.

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