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Elissa is the first HoH in quite a while to not do what Amanda wanted -- in other words, she's nominated Aaryn and McCrae because she blames them for Helen's eviction. Well, them and Amanda, but even Elissa isn't enough of a loose cannon to nominate Amanda. Yet. Aaryn is filled with self-pity in the Diary Room after doing everyone's dirty work for weeks. McCrae isn't enjoying his first time as a nominee, and says he needs to win the Veto. Amanda DRs that half of her allies in 3AM are nominated, and she has to figure out a way to keep them all safe. GinaMarie DRs that she's going to have to suck up to Elissa, which begins almost immediately. In fact, within earshot of several others, GinaMarie compliments both Elissa's Aaryn-slamming nomination speech and the color of her dress. This pisses off Amanda enough to mutter to McCrae that she wants to punch GinaMarie in the face with brass knuckles, and McCrae mutters right back that she needs to be nice or she'll get them both in trouble. Nothing, however, about how it's inappropriate to talk about punching people in the face with brass knuckles at all.

In the Have-Not room, Aaryn tells GinaMarie that it doesn't make sense that Elissa didn't also nominate GinaMarie to prevent her from Vetoing Aaryn. Everyone keeps thinking Elissa has some sneaky strategy when Elissa is just not that smart. Aaryn goes on to tell GinaMarie that she's never had any reason to mistrust Amanda and McCrae, so GinaMarie says that they're using her to protect them because they can't win anything on their own. And this week, they're extra useless to Aaryn.

Elissa and Amanda are hanging out in the kitchen, and after deploying a metric Pinter of awkward pauses and false conversational starts, Elissa wonders if Amanda will retaliate against her next week. Amanda claims to have no such plans, but she's curious about who Elissa would name as a replacement nominee if Aaryn gets vetoed, and suggests GinaMarie. When Elissa isn't all over that idea, Amanda goes right to accusing Elissa of being in an alliance with her, and comments on GinaMarie's obvious ass-kissing since the nominations. Which Elissa hasn't noticed, probably because she thinks GinaMarie was just being honest. Amanda gets to her real point, which is whether Elissa would nominate Amanda. Elissa lies that she wouldn't. Really, really badly. Amanda doesn't buy it for a second, and she's worried. As Aaryn takes Elissa's place in the kitchen, Amanda tells her about the conversation she and Elissa just had, including her suspicions that Elissa is lying. Cut to Elissa smiling dreamily in the DR about the possibility of Amanda leaving. She thinks Judd would go along with it, and seems to be talking herself into evicting Amanda before our eyes.

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