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So on Sunday, HoH Matt nominated Kathy and Andrew for mysterious reasons of his own, and on Wednesday, my DVR declined to record this episode for reasons of its own as we catch up on Day 21. While I'm grateful to Angel for covering for me in the interim, I think we're more likely to learn Matt's motives in the next hour than those of my DVR.

Reactions to Matt's nominations in the Diary Room: Rachel's glad she and Brendon weren't nominated, at least for now; Andrew's worried about going home even though he's the pawn; Matt's alliance-mate Hayden doesn't know what Matt's doing, and neither does Kathy. Matt himself says he doesn't care what anyone thinks, which is always a solid long-term strategy.

Andrew grumbles to himself in the Have-Not dump, then walks in on Brendon and Rachel's little celebration. Brendon offers some lame encouragement. Enjoy that, Andrew.

Kathy asks Matt to chat with her in the HoH room, and assures him that she only voted for him to leave because she knew he was safe. Matt offers her some lame encouragement, and DRs that he doesn't believe her, although they part with a hug.

Hayden and Kristen come talk to Andrew, and assure him they knew nothing of it. Hayden even goes so far as to promise to rescue Andrew if he wins PoV. With that, Andrew leaves, so now Hayden and Kristen can make out some more. You know, now that they mention it, they do look a little alike. That must be why Hayden thinks she's so hot.

Andrew discovers that Rachel put peaches in the iced tea, which effectively makes it off-limits for the Have-Nots. So he goes and growls loudly in frustration. Kathy goes to talk him down, but he hates Rachel so much at this point that he's frustrated with his only friend Brendon for liking "this thing." That segues into a discussion of how the house is an "idiocracy," for which Matt's nominations are only one piece of evidence. Andrew, ladies and gentlemen, demonstrating the "stopped clock" rule.

Early in the morning, the rest of the Brigade buttonholes Matt outside to talk about his plan. He claims that whoever wins the PoV will change the nominations, allowing for a backdoor of Brendon. Unless Brendon or Rachel wins, obviously, but what are the chances of that? Matt calmly says that he'll probably go that way. "Everything always works out for us," Hayden says, and I suppose I have to credit them for scoffing sarcastically.

Montage of Andrew being the only one who cleans. There's one every year.

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