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So HoH Hayden nominated Brendon and Rachel for eviction, as you may remember. On Day 4, Brendon and Rachel react to this development by going off by themselves. Brendon correctly realizes that he's the real target, and Rachel just got dragged in for being close to him. Annie comes in to talk about how shocked she is, and then Lane -- part of the alliance that put them up, mind you -- comes in as well to avert any suspicion that he was in on it. Which he was. Enter Enzo, purportedly to grab his sweater, while the nominees go on speculating about who put Hayden up to it. Enzo glares suspiciously at Annie for her sympathy with Rachel and Brendon, or just because suspicious glaring is his default expression.

That night, three-fourths of the Brigade (Hayden, Enzo, and Lane) meet outside to gloat, and so Enzo can tell them Annie's aligned with Brendon and Rachel. It's like he's playing a game that's three weeks further along. They try to play it cool when Annie joins them, but since they can't think of a single thing to say to each other in front of her, it's not really convincing. Except to Annie, of course.

Brendon whines to Rachel about how much he hates having to deal with ignorant people. Well, he certainly came to the right place, then. Rachel offers to take him off the block if she wins PoV. He politely says he can't let her do that, and asks her out for after the game. Up come the blankets, so they can make out in "private."

Meanwhile, everyone else is in the kitchen, hooting and staring as the two nominees go about their business under the blanket. Hayden DRs that the target on their back is getting bigger. Wouldn't that be two targets, for the two backs?

Next morning, Brendon makes his approach to Hayden, and says that since he can't campaign against Rachel, he plans to win Power of Veto. Which, he threatens, will put Hayden in a difficult position. Now for the carrot: Brendon says he wants to go to the final two with Hayden, and adds for no real reason that he trusts Annie. Hayden says he'll think about it, but he's already decided to get either Brendon, Rachel, or now Annie out of the house. Smooth move there, Brendon.


For the PoV competition, there are going to be six players, as always. HoH Hayden and nominees Rachel and Brendon are playing automatically, and both of the latter two plan to take Brendon off the block if they win. Hayden draws Enzo's name, which strengthens the Brigade's position in the competition -- at least numerically. Brendon draws the name of Andrew, the wild card. The person Rachel draws is Monet, who doesn't exactly seem like a power player. Can you spell "nonentity" without "Monet?" Well, yes, but you can't spell "monentity." In the DR, Monet is so irritated at Rachel's eye-rolling reaction that she wants to "use her big boobs as punching bags."

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