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A-Balling Things Up

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A-Balling Things Up

In the aftermath of Adam's nomination of Sheila and Sharon, the former complains bitterly in the DR. Ryan's also pissed at Adam, as is Natalie, although she doesn't think James will come after her with the Veto if he wins. In the DR, Adam admits that he fell for James's tears, and confesses that he got "a bit choked up" himself. Whatever, A-Baller. Crying less hard than James in that scene was not a difficult standard to meet.

Sheila gets tired of sulking on her bed, and comes out to sulk in the kitchen. "I'm a big girl, I can take it," she lies to everyone. Sharon says this is her time to sit back and be cool. Sfhe insists that she never would have done this to Adam. Well, obviously; that would have required her to win an HoH competition, and we all know that ain't happening. Adam tries to say that it'll be fine in a couple of days, even promising to take her off the block if he wins PoV, but she's still pissed. "Derr!" she says angrily as she storms out. "I'll do it myself!" And when she's done doing that, she will stretch out the voluminous sleeves of her black satin robe and take flight.

So Sheila and Ryan sit in the bedroom complaining about Adam some more. Ryan predicts that if James wins PoV, he'll take Sharon off the block, forcing Adam to nominate Ryan or Natalie in Sharon's place and giving the minority control of the house. He goes into the kitchen to call out Adam, and also to accuse James in advance of planning to save Sharon.

Later, Natalie is trying to keep Sheila and Ryan calm by encouraging them to win PoV and, in turn, promising to put Adam up next week as punishment for his faithlessness to his alliance. Meanwhile, outside, Adam approaches Sharon with his concerns that James is going to go back on his word again. Sharon's no help to Adam, and he decides that he did the wrong thing. Which is probably true, but at least it wasn't boring and predictable, so I approve.

Later still, Adam and Sheila have a talk in the kitchen, and he admits that he regrets his choice. Sheila says she was pissed at first (really), and while she will forgive him, she can't speak for anyone else. Adam then goes to Natalie to apologize to her. "Satan's tongue got to me," he confesses, and the editors supply a handy clip of James wiggling said oral appendage grossly. Ryan enters the sauna room as well, and also gets an apology, and like Natalie, he says they just have to win the PoV now. James couldn't possibly pull out a four-peat, could he?

Out in the kitchen, the women (including Sharon) sit and talk about Adam's nominations. Sheila's okay with it now, but Natalie still isn't. She's still worried that she could end up being nominated next. James enters and maintains that he still doesn't plan to use the PoV if he wins. He gave his word, after all, and his word is unbreakable, as long as long as nobody pisses him off. Sheila leaves and Adam arrives, and then the three of them -- James, Natalie, and Sharon -- start discussing trust. Namely, Natalie and James's wish to trust each other and shared uncertainty over whether they should. Natalie isn't convinced that James will sit on the PoV if he wins it, but if he does, she promises not to nominate him if she wins HoH.

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