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After any number of flashbacks to Casey's fiery exit on Thursday, we rejoin the Head of Household competition already in progress. Also, everyone reacts differently to the news that the cliques have been dissolved. Russell is motivated to win the HoH competition to protect himself, Jeff isn't sorry to be able to go against his former fellow Athletes, Natalie misses the cover that having three other competitors in her clique gave her, and Chima's like, "See you later, dorks!"

We left the nine houseguests save Jessie hanging on swings from a lighting grid that spun them around and bounced them against a giant diploma, with intermittent rain. The spinning continues, and there's like the tenth flashback tonight to Casey's exit, where he put down Jessie, and Natalie jumped all over Casey in Jessie's "defense." After Casey left, they all seemed to wonder who tried to vote out Jordan, but Russell isn't saying it was him.

Twenty-one minutes into the HoH competition, Kevin falls off his swing, and is honestly nothing but relived to have it over with. Lydia drops four minutes later, with Kevin's permission. Jessie, sitting this out as the outgoing HoH, tells Kevin he gets to be first to pick one of the "graduation presents" waiting on the table. Kevin goes with box number five, and wins a $5,000 prize. That'll go over well. Lydia wins a 42" TV, which she says will be an upgrade from the 12-inch VCR/TV she stole from her ex-boyfriend. Jessie's irritated with both of them, because even though he doesn't get to participate, this HoH competition is All About Jessie.

A while later, people are starting to gag and retch and throw up, and Ronnie drops off, 46 minutes in. Natalie's motion sickness finally gets the better of her and she slips off the swing at 49 minutes, although she dangles by her hands, letting it drag her for most of a circuit. That's dedication. That leaves nobody up there on Jessie's team but Chima. Ronnie's "graduation present" is an empty box, as is Natalie's.

Next to drop is Jordan, at 1:37. Jessie winks up at Chima as Jordan rolls off the pad. Jordan's prize is to get to be a Have, but she'll have to pick three Have-Nots at the end of the competition. I hope she's up for that kind of math.

As the competition continues, Chima is swinging and bouncing wildly at the end of her rope, but refusing to let go, even as her tiny form gets dragged over the giant diploma. As night begins to fall, she finally drops off at 2 hours, 22 minutes. Now it's down to Michele, Jeff, and Russell, none of whom is ready to give up.

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