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The Return Of…

Wearing a dress like a giant Oreo, Julie tells us that history will be made when a juror returns to the game for the first time ever. That's a pretty loose definition of "history," Jules.

After previouslies and credits, Julie again tells us that a juror will return tonight, because it makes total sense that there will still be eight people in the last week of August. Then she throws us back into the action inside the house, picking up where we left off last night when Aaryn put up Spencer as the replacement nominee opposite Helen, even though she was really in the mood to ding Amanda instead. Helen is now regretting disregarding Jessie's warning about Amanda weeks ago, and has no choice but to go with Elissa to try to suck up to Aaryn and GinaMarie.

Andy joins them for some stupid reason, and Helen tells him he's the swing vote. Andy is still selling the idea that he's firmly in Helen's camp. She cries and lectures Andy at the same time, holding forth about good guys versus bad guys, which kind of pisses off Andy. Then they talk about how they'll all be in trouble if Amanda and McCrae find out about this. So then Andy goes right to the Have-Not room to wake up Amanda and tell her all about it. This does not actually get him in trouble.

Helen can still tell Andy's lying to her, so she goes to McCrae to try to secure his vote for her to stay. And her main argument is that McCrae shouldn't be scared of Amanda or let her boss him around, because then they'll have a miserable life together. This is actually pretty personal, and I think that if McCrae were actually listening he might start to get a little offended. In fact, McCrae DRs about how Helen is just as pushy as Amanda is. Amanda comes in to collect McCrae, so that's the end of that conversation.

Outside, McCrae admits to Amanda that Helen accused her of bullying. Amanda does the mature thing, which is to go up to the HoH room and complain about Helen to Spencer and Andy, and McCrae when he joins them. Amanda seems stunned that anybody could ever consider her bossy. Or a bully. "You're assertively honest," Spencer says with an unusual amount of diplomacy for him.

Later, Elissa and Helen hang out with GinaMarie to try to secure her vote to keep Helen. GinaMarie claims to want to vote that way, so they agree that they need to issue Andy an ultimatum that if he doesn't vote to keep Helen, he's getting nominated next. Well, anything's possible.

So Helen and Elissa have apparently summoned Andy to the HoH room. Andy finally admits that he's wavering on his vote, saying that people might come after him for not voting her out. Elissa argues that she and others will come after him if he does. And in fact, Elissa says that if she or GinaMarie win HoH next week, they're nominating Andy. Which Andy is terrified by, as he says in the DR. Imagine his panic if there were any chance of either of those two winning HoH.

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