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A Jacobean Revenge Tragedy

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A Jacobean Revenge Tragedy
After the nomination ceremony, Sheila (still in her unitard, BTW) DRs that she hopes the people who have promised to have her back will do so. Even if they do now, I'm sure she'll piss them off with a paranoid hissy. Natalie appreciates James sticking to the deal he made with her during the HoH competition to save her and Matt, and she DRs that in return, she'll protect James in the future. Matt is still grateful to Natalie, as he thanks her in the storage room and promises to pay her back. All she wants is a massage every day for the rest of the week. OK, don't press your luck, Nat.

Ryan and Joshuah continue to have a secret alliance. After confirming that, Ryan goes to commiserate in private with Sheila, where they talk about how unfair it is that everyone lied to James and they're the only ones paying the price. "You and I need a miracle," Sheila says. Ryan thinks about his chances of beating Sheila in the PoV competition and doesn't look too concerned.

Time for another "Bible Buddies" sequence, in which Matt and Adam read about the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail and their connection to Indiana Jones. Matt suggests Adam take his money and go find the Ark if he wins. Sure, Adam's face will melt off, but that might be an improvement.

Outside, Sheila takes an opportunity to apologize to Adam for being mean to him at the beginning of the game. I'm sure the fact that she's nominated has nothing to do with the timing of her sucking up.

James, Chelsia, Joshuah, and Natalie sit around the hot tub talking about how unhappy Ryan is to have James back. They also still haven't figured out who cast the third vote to keep James out, although they've narrowed it down to Matt and Adam. Well, Natalie knows it was Matt, but she's not telling. In fact, she's going out of her way to throw "A-Baller" under the bus, privately whispering her "theory" to Sharon, who isn't remotely fooled.

Joshuah discovers an "ominous" "clue:" Big Brother has spelled out POV in the guinea pig cage, using wooden toy blocks. Because nothing ever happens in this house for days at a time, everyone totally freaks out at this minor occurrence. Nobody more so than Sheila, who says that if anyone else wins the PoV and doesn't take her off, she's going to be pissed. According to her, "it never should have happened this way." Whatever that means. She should get the boot just for assuming that Big Brother is ever fair. Natalie and Matt advise Sheila to "study" the guinea pig cage all night long. I wish I could give Natalie credit for wanting to mess with Sheila's head, but I don't see Natalie being that diabolical. Even so, Sheila's head is well and truly messed with, and she has decided that Matt and Natalie -- and Adam, for some reason -- don't actually have her back, like she thought. So guess what she does: she goes and lies down and cries, boo hoo hoo.

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